Composition of HKScan Corporation’s Shareholders’ Nomination Board

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HKScan Corporation, Stock Exchange Release on 9 October 2020 at 3:30 p.m. Finnish time

Composition of HKScan Corporation’s Shareholders’ Nomination Board

The largest shareholders of HKScan Corporation have, according to the charter of the shareholders’ nomination board, nominated the following persons as members of the nomination board:

Veikko Kemppi, managing director, LSO Cooperative 
Per Lindahl, chairman of the board, Lantmännen ek. för. 
Reima Rytsölä, deputy CEO, Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company

Furthermore, the board of directors of HKScan Corporation has nominated as member of the nomination board Jari Mäkilä, deputy chair of the board of directors.

The nomination board elected amongst its members Veikko Kemppi as chairman.

The shareholders’ nomination board is a body of HKScan Corporation’s shareholders, responsible for annually proposals to the annual general meeting for the election and remuneration of the members and deputy members of the board of directors. The nomination board shall submit its proposals to the board of directors well in advance before the board of directors convenes the annual general meeting.


HKScan Corporation

Heidi Hirvonen
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For further information: Veikko Kemppi, please leave your callback requests to Marjukka Uutela-Hujanen,, phone +358 10 570 6218.

HKScan’s target is to grow into a versatile food company. With over 100 years of experience, we make tasty, healthy and responsibly produced food responding to the needs of consumers and customers. For us at HKScan, responsibility includes the development of food production throughout the value chain, from farms to consumers. Our home markets cover Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. Our nearly 7,000 HKScan professionals ensure tastier life - today and tomorrow. Our diverse product portfolio includes poultry, pork and beef, as well as meat products and meals. Our strong brands are HK®, Kariniemen®, Via®, Scan®, Pärsons®, Rakvere®, Tallegg® and Rose®. In 2019, net sales of the publicly listed HKScan totalled EUR 1.7 billion.



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