Report January - May 2000 HL Display AB (publ)

Report January-May 2000 HL Display AB (publ) * Sales for January to May increased by 14.1 % to SEK 346.4 m (303.6) compared to corresponding period 1999. * Profit before tax for the period amounted to SEK 16.5 m (15.5). * Sales of the month of May increased by 27.8% to SEK 81.9 m (64.1). Profit before tax for the month amounted to SEK 8.0 m (3.4). January to May 2000 in brief The consolidated sales for the period increased by 14.1 % to SEK 346.4 m (303.6). During May sales amounted to SEK 81.9 m (64.1), an increase of 27.8%. The sales in May were strong on the majority of HL Display's markets. The accumulated sales growth is still not in line with expectations and an initiated action programme is being continued. The period's profit before tax was SEK 16.5 m (15.5). Profit for the month of May was SEK 8.0 m (3.4). In April the funds that will be reallocated from the insurance company SPP was booked. The funds were fully accounted for in accordance with the notification from SPP on how the funds can be used. This has affected the accumulated group result positively by SEK 4.5 m. The profit has been negatively affected by SEK 5.4 m due to the fact that the price of the groups largest raw material, PVC, has increased dramatically compared to the corresponding period in 1999. Net investments in fixed assets amounted to SEK 24.8 m (30.5) during the period. [REMOVED GRAPHICS] 1) For definitions, see the Annual report Stockholm 19.06.2000 Anders Remius Managing Director ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: