Report January-October 2000 HL Display AB (publ)

Report January-October 2000 HL Display AB (publ) *Sales for January to October increased by 15.5% to SEK 735.2 m (636.6) compared to corresponding period 1999. *Profit before tax for the period amounted to SEK 44.1 m (41.0). *The PVC-price has peaked. January to October 2000 in brief The consolidated sales for the period increased by 15.5% to SEK 735.2 m (636.6). During October sales amounted to SEK 92.8 m (72.5), an increase of 27.9%. The period's profit before tax was SEK 44.1 m (41.0). Profits were negatively affected in an amount of SEK 8.9 m by a sharp rise in prices for the Group's primary raw material, PVC, relative to the same period of 1999. The PVC-price is strongly cyclical depending on the supply situation on the world market, but is not related to dollar rates or oil prices. Everything is now indicating that the price has peaked. Profit before taxes for the month of October was SEK 8.1 m (4.2). The period's net investments in fixed assets amounted to SEK 42.7 m (43.7). Full-year forecast The forecast for the full year of 2000 that was communicated in the interim th report of the 17 of October remains unchanged. This means we expect net sales amounting to SEK 880 m (768.5) and a result before tax of approx. SEK 50 m (47.1). ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: The full report The full report