Calm as Carnegie HQ Bank reopens

Business started as usual today after the bank had been closed for a week. The bank has already started to successively operate under the name Carnegie. The merger of the banks and the change of name will take place successively during the coming weeks.  

Following a week of closure, HQ Bank opened today under the name Carnegie. All systems have functioned and client transactions have proceeded without any problems. The bank's clients are able to conduct their business as normal, and retain the same account managers. The organisations of Carnegie and HQ Bank have worked throughout the weekend in a structured manner to assure that the opening would proceed as planned, and this has been successful. 

"The bank is open and operations are running. After the dramatic events of last week, we are seeing modest outflows today. We see this as a clear signal that our clients have great confidence in the employees of HQ, and in Carnegie as the new owner. We will continue to do everything to earn the confidence of our clients," says Frans Lindelöw, President and CEO, Carnegie. 

Carnegie has initiated implementation of the merger plan that has been drawn up and that was approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). 

For additional information, please contact:
Andreas Koch, Head of Strategy and Communications, Carnegie
Telephone: +46 73 417 86 39, e-mail: 

Erik Amcoff, Head of Corporate Communications, Carnegie HQ Bank
Telephone: +46 73 089 1761, e-mail:

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