Owners investigate the possibility of a placement of SDRs in Unibet

Unibet Group plc’s (”Unibet”) principal owners Anders Ström, Staffan Persson, Peter Lindell, and Quesada AB have commissioned Hagströmer & Qviberg Fondkommission (”H&Q”) and Cazenove to investigate the feasibility of a placement of about 400,000 Swedish Depository Receipts (“SDRs”) in Unibet, corresponding to 6.4 per cent of capital and votes through a book building process. In June 2004, Unibet's SDRs were listed on the O list of Stockholmsbörsen (Stockholm Stock Exchange). At the time of the flotation, SDRs equivalent to 14.1 per cent of capital and votes in Unibet were sold. After the flotation the free float in Unibet amounted to 33.7 per cent. A placement in Unibet, if any, is carried out in order to increase the free float and the liquidity of the company's SDRs. Anders Ström, Staffan Persson Peter Lindell, and Quesada AB have undertaken to after a potential placement not divest any additional SDRs in Unibet during 2005. Lead Manager and Bookrunner for this placement is H&Q and Co-Lead Manager is Cazenove. For further information, please contact: Staffan Persson, tel +46 (0)70 321 00 98

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