Hunter Group ASA: Share options to primary insiders

The board of directors in Hunter Group ASA (the "Company") has following today’s AGM granted options to primary insiders. The annual general meeting in the Company held on 25 April 2019 approved the long term share options program. The LTI Options shall vest on the date falling 12 months following the date of grant, each with a strike price equal to the share price at the next equity offering following the AGM 2019, alternatively if there are no further equity issues by 30 June 2019, the strike price for the 1,500,000 LTI Options will be equal to the closing price on 28 March 2019 (NOK 3.23). The 1,500,000 LTI Options correspond to approx. 0.4% of the current number of outstanding shares in Hunter. The total number of LTI Options in the Company, under the terms of the current LTI rules, in force from time to time, shall in no event exceed 1 percent of the registered number of shares in the Company as per the date of adoption of new LTI Options.

LTI Options are granted to the following in the senior management:

Sagittarius Capital Ltd., company owned and controlled by Erik A. S. Frydendal, CEO/CFO of the Company (1,000,000 LTI Options). Erik A. S. Frydendal owns today 150,000 shares, and together with shares held by Sagittarius Capital Ltd., Erik A. S. Frydendal will following the award of the LTO Options directly/indirectly control 1,650,000 shares and 1,000,000 LTI Options.

Sujoy Seal, COO of the Company (500,000 LTI Options). Sujoy Seal owns today 125,000 shares, and following the award of the LTO Options Sujoy Seal will control 125,000 shares and 500,000 LTI Options.  

This stock exchange announcement is made pursuant to section 5-2 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

Oslo, 25 April 2019

For further information, please contact: Erik Frydendal, CEO +47 957 72 947 E -mail: