Husqvarna launches virtual boundary robotic lawn mowing for private gardens

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Early next year Husqvarna, the global leader in forest and outdoor products, launches its first virtual boundary robotic lawn mower for private gardens. Husqvarna’s satellite navigation system enables the robotic mowers to work within virtual boundaries, making it easy to decide where to cut, when and at what height, without the need of a traditional boundary wire. Husqvarna Automower® NERA comes in three different models that cater to lawns from 2200 m2 to 5000 m2. Installation, defining work areas and stay-out zones can easily be managed through the Husqvarna Automower® Connect App.

More than 25 years ago, Husqvarna launched the world’s first robotic lawn mower and changed the lawn mowing category forever. With Husqvarna´s latest Automower® range, and the breakthrough satellite navigation technology, Husqvarna EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System), a new chapter of lawn care is about to begin for consumers. Husqvarna EPOS was launched three years ago for commercial users and is a well-proven technology for professional robotic lawn mowers. This includes Husqvarna CEORA, a game-changing robotic lawn mower that caters to lawns up to 50 000m2.

Husqvarna Automower® NERA can operate with a precision of 2-3 cm and take on rough terrain and slopes with up to 50% inclination. For the Automower® NERA robotic lawn mower to operate without physical boundary wires, it is complemented by a Husqvarna EPOS plug-in kit, sold as a separate accessory.

“Husqvarna makes gardening and lawn management easy where smart robots and connected devices do most of the job. Being the pioneers and global leader within robotic lawn mowers, we are committed to lead the way. We are really excited about offering both professionals and now private garden owners this boundary wire-free solution”, says Glen Instone, President Husqvarna Forest & Garden.

Husqvarna Group is the global market leader within robotic lawn mowers. The Group’s overall strategy is to accelerate the shift to more low-carbon solutions through robotics and electrification.

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