IBA Group Opens New Office in Minsk

On June 8, IBA Group officially opened its new campus in Minsk, Belarus. The area includes a new office building, a data center, a fitness center, a three–level parking, and a dwelling house.

A number of high–profile guests, including IBA Group's customers, partners, and members of the government attended the opening ceremony. Sergei Levteev, IBA Group Chairman, Sergei Nalivaiko, Minister of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus, Cesare Baroni, Vice President for Transformation and Operations, Systems & Supply Chain at IBM, and Valery Tsepkalo, High–Tech Park Director, held a ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate the opening of the campus. More than 300 blue and white balloons soared into the sky as Sergei Levteev lifted a symbolic key of the building.

Addressing the audience, Nalivaiko said that the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of Belarus has been cooperating with IBA since 2005 and the joint work has left the most favorable impression.

Tsepkalo went on to say that the new campus is a classic embodiment of the concept of Work, Live & Play, which is not only comfortable for employees, but also significantly reduces the strain on the city center. Turning to the programmers, he wished them to work with more pleasure for their own well–being and the prosperity of the country.

Baroni congratulated Levteev and the IBA Group community on this great event. He said that IBA Group and IBM have been partners for many years and expressed the view that the new building is a cornerstone of future accomplishments in the expanding of IBA Group and IBM’s businesses.

Levteev said: “The idea of building our own campus was born a while ago. When realizing our dream, we had to overcome various obstacles. And today, on the day of the official opening of the IBA Group's campus, I would like to highlight a tremendous support of the state authorities, including the Council of Ministers of Belarus, and to thank the administration of the High Tech Park for their assistance. I think we have built a unique complex. The conditions of work of our specialists comply with international standards and we are able to meet the highest demands of our customers for the organization of projects and project teams.”

During his interview with the press, Levteev also underscored the importance of the IT industry in Belarus: “The domestic IT industry has a long and good tradition, and Belarusian IT specialists are rated highly abroad. Our country is focused both on the development of export potential of the IT industry and the improvement of the IT component in the products of other branches of the Belarusian economy. We hope that in the future we can further count on the support of the government in the development of the industry. We are confident that this will enable IT companies to create additional high–tech jobs, expand their presence in foreign markets, and help the transition of the Belarusian economy to more effective control mechanisms.”

After the opening ceremony, guests had a tour of the campus. They visited open space offices, the data center, and the fitness center. The company management also honored the best employees of IBA Group.

IBA Group's new campus includes:

  • 6–storey building with roughly 900 workplaces equipped with modern engineering and telecommunication infrastructure
  • Fitness center with a gym, a large game room, fitness rooms, and a table tennis room
  • Data center built in accordance with modern international standards of reliability and performance and using modern energy–saving technologies of operating energy–intensive equipment. The heat generated by computer technologies of the data center is recovered and used for heating the fitness center
  • Three–level parking lot for 400 cars.


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