IBA Group Supports BSUIR at ACM ICPC Quarterfinals

From November 3 to November 5, 2015, the quarterfinal of the 18th ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) among university students of the north–eastern European region was held in Minsk, Belarus. Belarusian State University (BSU) hosted the event where 59 teams from Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia (Kaliningrad) competed. 

Belarusian SUIR #2, the team of Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR) consisting of four students who specialize in computer science and software engineering took the first place. Having solved eight problems, the team became the winner of ACM ICPC Quarterfinals. The list of winners also includes Belarusian State University, Vilnius University, and University of Latvia.

In addition, other BSUIR teams showed good results, having received two second and two third places. It is the first time when five BSUIR teams achieved to the top 20 of the standings of ACM ICPC Western Subregional Contest.

On its website, BSUIR published a note of thanks saying the following: “BSUIR expresses deep gratitude to its partners IBA Group and ITS Partner that support the Olympiad movement in the university and thus contribute to the victories of our students on the world-class contests”.

The semifinals of the contest will be held in St. Petersburg from December 5 to December 6 where two teams, namely Belarusian SUIR #2 и Belarusian SUIR #4, will represent BSUIR.


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