IBS acquires supply chain integration specialist firm

IBS has acquired the Swedish software company, Accima Technologies. Accima develops software solutions and has expertise in the areas of supply chain integration, integration between different software and electronic communications. The acquisition further strengthens IBS’ position in the area of supply chain management.

Accima has more than 200 customers in 13 countries, who use the applications for fast integration of their business systems, smooth data conversions for databases and improved communication between business units, customers and suppliers. Accima has seven staff members in the operations today and has been profitable since being established in 2000. The acquisition adds an interesting new growth area for IBS, but will have marginal impact on IBS revenue or results for the current fiscal year.

IBS has previously had a business agreement with Accima for some of their products. The software will form part of the IBS business application suites, ASW and IBS Virtual Enterprise, and will act as an important tool for fast and easy integration of various software programs. IBS will start an expansion of international licensing of Accima products and related services in IBS’ European, North and South American, Asian and Australian markets.

There is an interesting potential in offering new and expanded Accima software programs to both new and current IBS customers. Businesses require, to an ever-increasing degree, integration between the many systems that they have in place at subsidiaries, between customers and suppliers, in order to eliminate manual process and to gain more automation in the sales and financial processes.

- Integration is one of the fastest growing sectors of the IT market. There is a large need to connect different platforms and applications in order to increase efficiency and coordinate business units, without having to discard and replace existing systems. The acquisition of Accima further strengthens our position within the strategically important area of supply chain management, says Magnus Wastenson, CEO at IBS.

- By combining our products with IBS' business software and services, we can offer completely integrated solutions and reach a global customer base via IBS’ market channels in more than 40 countries, says David Malmgren, CEO at Accima.

Accima products are already being used in an increasing number of IBS' customer projects. IBS’ business software application, ASW, is especially focused on supply chain management and financial control. IBS’ new software, IBS Virtual Enterprise, adds important business logic for the coordination and optimisation of enterprise-wide procurement, sales and gives transparency of the supply chain and payment chain. Accima’s products will become an important link in connecting different ERP software regardless of platform.

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