Report from IBS AB´s Annual General Meeting on 9 May, 2005

Lars Nyberg was elected new Chairman of the Board.

At IBS’ Annual General Meeting held on 9 May, 2005, CEO Magnus Wastenson stated that the company will continue to strengthen its position within the area of Supply Chain Management. "We will continue our specialisation in supply chain management solutions for large and medium sized companies in industries where we can be market leaders. Our financial position is strong which enables us to take advantage of the business opportunities available in the international marketplace. This entails expansion of our present operations as well as being prepared to make additional acquisitions. The aim is to grow and to increase profitability,” says Magnus Wastenson, CEO of IBS. The AGM decided that no dividend should be paid for 2004. On account of IBS´strengthened financial position, the Board of Directors will during 2005 decide on further steps to expand operations within the framework of the company´s strategy. The Board will also then address the matter of future dividends. Furthermore, the AGM agreed to discharge the Board and the CEO from liability for the financial year 2004. The current members of the Board – Staffan Ahlberg, Elisabet Annell, Johan Björklund, Kai Hammerich, Sigrun Hjelmquist, Lars Kylberg and Stig Nordfelt were re-elected. Lars Nyberg was elected new member of the Board. Lars Nyberg has a long personal record and extensive international experience within the IT sector, as Chairman of the Board and former CEO of NCR in the USA. Other Board assignments include the post of Chairman of Micronic and Board membership of Sandvik, Autoliv and Snap On. Gunnar Rylander declined re-election and thereby left the Board. Gunnar Rylander remains the Chairman of the Board for Catella Holding, IBS´ main owner. At the Board Meeting following the AGM, Lars Nyberg was appointed new Chairman of the Board. Elisabet Annell, Sigrun Hjelmquist and Lars Nyberg were appointed as members of the Compensation Committee. Lars Kylberg and Stig Nordfelt were appointed as members of the Audit Committee. Furthermore, the AGM agreed to increase Board fees to a total of SEK 1 850 000, with SEK 500 000 to the Chairman of the Board and SEK 150 000 to other members, and unchanged additional fees totalling SEK 300 000 to be distributed among members of committees. For further information, please contact: Magnus Wastenson, CEO IBS AB Tel: +46 (0)8 627 2515 Mobile: +46 (0)70 627 2515 Per-Arne Sendrén, CFO, IBS AB Tel: +46 (0)8 627 2360 Mobile: +46 (0)70 627 2360

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