Keeping vision of Tomorrow’s Technology Today, first time a ‘Ready-to-use’ extended release systems have been developed by scientists at our new R&D centre, creating a landmark for innovative solution for extended release tablet formulations.
Mr. Suresh Pareek, Managing Director
Instamodel extended release composition have been developed with an objective of ‘ready to use system’ and ‘universal acceptability’, according to him Instamodel compositions are not limited to one class of drugs, they could be applied to a broad range of drugs.
Dr. Ashok Omray, President
Most important is that the managers must understand the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and the responsibilities need to be allocated accordingly. Regular assessments are necessary to address the potential problems by delivering the right training programmes at right time. This is going to improve the employees confidence and productivity.
Suresh Pareek
Instanute DR is ready to use enteric coating product and will help in maintaining efficacy of the active ingredient which are sensitive to high acidic pH in stomach. Through the use of Instanute DR, scientists will be able to program the release profile of the active ingredients ranging from 20-120 minutes.
Suresh Pareek, Managing Director (Ideal Cures)
Instanute DR product is based on natural polymer which is GRAS compliance meeting all requirements at par with regulatory approvals.
Chetan Rajsharad, Vice-President R&D Ideal Cures India
This 4th generation film coating system will define the new standards of film coating systems. While others have been stumbling to develop and copy the 3rd generation coating system, we are launching Instacoat E Series. It definitely moves the bar ahead for the competition and will likely cause them to go back to the labs yet again.
Mr. Suresh Pareek, Managing Director