Idogen files patent application for new tolerogenic cell therapy

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Idogen AB (Spotlight Stock Market: IDOGEN) announced today that the company has filed a patent application for its new, innovative method for cell therapy. The method is based on a unique combination of tolerance-inducing substances that have shown good results in preclinical trials. The patent application covers Idogen’s entire technology platform for tolerogenic cell therapy and the application provides a right of priority and is a first step towards a global expansion to all major markets. Granting will provide market exclusivity until 2040.

Idogen’s tolerogenic dendritic cells are created to inhibit an abnormal immune response by activating regulatory T cells inside the body, which is expected to provide a long-lasting treatment effect. At the core of the method lies a carefully chosen combination of substances that work together to generate a strong tolerogenic capacity in dendritic cells.

As part of Idogen’s continuous work with intellectual property rights, the company has now filed a patent application regarding the production process, the cell products created by the process and treatment methods based on these cell products.
“This is a major achievement by our research team in quickly generating robust data for our new cell therapy, which has enabled this important patent application. It is a very valuable step for Idogen to enable us to offer our innovative cell therapy to patients, where there is currently a major unmet medical need and a lack of effective treatment options,” says Hanne Risager Romedahl, Chief Scientific Officer of Idogen.

“The patent we have now filed is extremely valuable to the company and offers an opportunity for strong protection for our unique cell therapy and market exclusivity for 20 years from the PCT application filing. Solid patent protection for our technology platform will lay the foundation for substantial value creation in the future,” says Anders Karlsson, CEO of Idogen AB.

For further information, please contact:
Anders Karlsson, CEO, Idogen AB
Tel: +46 70 918 00 10

About the patent process:
The patent application aims to provide broad protection for Idogen’s primary method and variations on the method. According to standard procedure, this priority application has been filed to a patent office (UK), and this marks the start of a future global patent process. The next stage is therefore to file an international PCT application in 12 months to provide market exclusivity in all major markets worldwide.

This is an English version of an original Swedish press release communicated by Idogen AB. In case of interpretation issues or possible differences between the different versions, the Swedish version shall apply.


Idogen (Spotlight Stock Market: IDOGEN) develops tolerogenic cell therapies to prevent the patient’s immune system from attacking biological agents, transplanted organs or the body’s own cells or tissue. Idogen’s most advanced product candidate IDO 8 is designed for patients with severe haemophilia A who have developed anti-drug antibodies against their critical treatment with coagulation factor VIII (factor VIII). The company´s second project IDO T is developed to prevent kidney transplant rejection. In a third project, IDO AID, Idogen focuses on the treatment of autoimmune diseases. The treatment is based on the patient's own cells and is expected to have a favorable safety profile and long-lasting effect. The fact that a short treatment has the potential to yield a long-lasting effect is another great advantage. For more information, visit



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