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  • Simba Mattress Review | Save 35% On Simba Hybrid Mattresses, Simba Sleep Discount Code

Simba Mattress Review | Save 35% On Simba Hybrid Mattresses, Simba Sleep Discount Code

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The Simba Hybrid mattress was developed as a result of a comprehensive sleeper study conducted by the Sleep to Live Institute in the United States. As a result, the brand has created a mattress that is meant to accommodate people of all sizes, shapes, and sleeping styles. Latex, conical pocket springs, responsive memory foam, and 7-zone support foam are among the materials that make up this mattress. The Simba mattress is a medium to firm mattress that is responsive and supportive, and it is particularly adept at conforming to the needs of side and back sleepers. Although it is more expensive, its one-of-a-kind design ensures that everyone will have a comfortable and cool night's sleep.

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About Simba

In 1979, Simba began as a family-run business that produced thread for use in mattress manufacturing. These days, their product can be found in mattresses in more than 35 countries around the world. In 2002, they realized that it could be a good idea to develop their own mattress design utilizing their own product, which they did. With this mattress, they hope to give a sleep surface that can be enjoyed by everyone while also offering a really high-tech, inexpensive option. With their hybrid design, they have created something genuinely unique, and what is more, they deliver right to your front door from the factory- eliminating the intermediary, warehouse fees, and transportation costs to help keep costs low.

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How does the Simba mattress feel to sleep on?

The Simba mattress has been created to accommodate people of all sizes, shapes, and sleeping styles. A hybrid mattress that combines pocket springs with memory foam, it is both responsive and pleasant, as well as being supportive and long-lasting.

A firmness rating of 6/10 indicates that it is medium to firm with a modest level of sinkage. It is made of polyethylene. The Visco memory foam conforms to your body, providing a hugging experience that is supportive. The pocket springs provide full-body support throughout the mattress.Simbatex, a novel substance developed just for the Simba mattress, is applied to the top latex layer to protect it. Because of the natural soybean balms, it is pleasant to touch. The breathable sleep surface and grooved support base allow air to move freely throughout the mattress, allowing users to remain cool while they sleep on them.Customers praise the fact that the Simba mattress is strong and supportive throughout the night while remaining soft and nice to sleep on. The Simba mattress’s conical pocket springs pivot in their pockets, allowing them to conform to the individual body forms of sleepers. They provide complete body support while minimizing partner disruption. Because each spring is individually adjustable, sleepers will receive pressure point alleviation throughout the night as a result. An additional layer of memory foam provides added comfort. Back pain sufferers may benefit from this type of personalized assistance. Take advantage of the free 100-night trial and hassle-free returns to give it a shot.The Simba mattress was produced with the help of data. Its design was influenced by data collected from more than 10 million sleepers, who provided 180 million body profile data points. This means that the Simba mattress is designed to accommodate a wide range of sleeping preferences.Customers, on the other hand, have stated that the contouring of the mattress may be uncomfortable for stomach sleepers. Because it hugs the waist, it might put pressure on the lower back if it is not properly supported.Side sleepers appreciate the Simba mattress contouring, hugging, and supporting qualities. The 7-zoned support foam base was created with side and back sleepers in mind, and it relieves pressure in the areas where it is required the most.The Simba mattress performs exceptionally well in the area of edge support. As a rule, mattresses in a box have a difficult time maintaining enough edge support. However, there is an additional layer of foam inserted around the edge of the Simba mattress springs to provide additional support. In other words, it maintains a high amount of structural support around the margins. Those who want to sleep near to the edge or who prefer to sit down when getting dressed or undressed will find this option ideal.The conical pocket springs used by Simba are patented, and they swivel in their pockets to adapt to diverse forms and movements. They also have the additional benefit of reducing movement transfer between two people, resulting in minimum partner disturbance. The majority of folks agree that they are unable to detect their partner's movements.

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How is the Simba mattress constructed?

There are four layers of latex, coils, poly foam, and memory foam used in the construction of the Simba mattress, which is 25cm in depth.
  • Layer one - cooling and comfort: this is made up of 5cm of latex foam and is designed to offer the majority of bounce, cooling, and comfort for the mattress.

  • Layer two - contour: this layer is 2cm thick and is made up of foam encased micro coils, This thin layer of micro coils offers the majority of the contour to the person who is sleeping on the mattress. It also helps with the response to the mattress and the bounce.
  • Layer three - support: this layer consists of 3cm of memory foam. This acts as a softer and transitional layer on top of the support and deep compression support for the Simba mattress. 
  • Layer four - foundation: This is the thickest part of the mattress, made up of 15cm of support foam. This provides the overall shape of the Simba mattress and is the foundation base of the mattress.

Size and weight of the Simba mattress

Whatever size Simba mattress you choose, it will be transported in a package that measures 107cm x 50cm x 50cm. The queen size Simba mattress is 39kg in weight, making it difficult to move about. Please keep in mind that it will only be delivered to your front door in the majority of cases.  As a result, you will have to transport it throughout your home, including up any flights of stairs.

Upon removing the Simba mattress from its box, it is easier to roll the flattened mattress onto your bed platform, or wherever you intend to place it. Inside the box, you will find a cutting tool that will allow you to cut through the plastic and break the vacuum seal. Customers appreciate that it just takes 3-5 hours before they are able to sleep on it, although Simba does say it can take up to 24 hours to fully form.   They also say that 30 nights is a reasonable amount of time to get used to a new mattress.Some buyers complained of a minor odor, which they believe was created by the Simba's foam. In a matter of days, this will be no longer noticeable. Even though the Simba mattress does not require turning, it is recommended that you do it once a month to extend its life.The Simba is 25cm thick, which means it will fit all of your standard-sized bed sheets perfectly. It is intended to be used on any flat, sturdy, and level surface. This comprises all types of bed bases, including slatted, flat, divan, box spring, and adjustable bed bases, as well as the floor.If you have slatted bed frames, it is advised that the slats be no more than 3 inches apart. If you have an older box spring with only a few support slats, you can support the mattress using a length of plywood.

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The cover of the Simba mattress

The Simba mattress's cover is made entirely of polyester. The cover of this mattress is designed to be thin and stretchy, while also being responsive and breathable. Users claim that they are able to effortlessly pop the cover back into form after tugging on it from a variety of various angles for several minutes. Furthermore, the cover has excellent breathability and is incredibly durable. Because there is no foam integrated into the cover, the air is able to easily flow in and out of the cover without restriction. The Simba mattress cover is not removable or washable, and Simba recommends that you clean it with light fabric cleaning agents or a gentle, moist cloth to maintain its appearance. Standard mattress colors (white on top, grey sides) are used, with a large teal Simba label on it. 

Where can you buy the Simba mattress from?

Currently, the Simba mattress is only available to purchase from the UK through their stores, affiliated sellers, and websites. The mattresses are then delivered for free in a box to the customer's front door. 


What safety certifications do they hold?

The company takes great satisfaction in not just using ecologically friendly manufacturing processes in the production of their products, but also in their selection of raw materials. All of the foams used have been awarded the CertiPur label, indicating that they have met the condition of not containing any undesired (or necessary) chemicals. There are no ozone depleting substances, heavy metals, flame retardants, mercury, or lead present, making them completely safe for consumption.

What testing and refinement process does the Simba mattress undergo?

The Simba Hybrid Mattress that is currently on the market was developed through many years of prototype development and continuous testing of the materials and design that was ultimately chosen. These early designs were derived from over 10 million sleep profiles in an attempt to meet the needs of the general public in terms of comfort. It has been proven time and again that the layered construction that we discussed above is the most effective and most convenient mattress alternative available from the factory to the customer's doorstep.

Caring for a Simba mattress

The mattress is simple to maintain because the cover can be readily removed for laundering and the latex surface may be spot cleaned and blotted if the situation calls for it. A moist cloth can also be used to clean the base fabric, and a mattress protector can be used to ensure that your materials are even more protected from damage.

200 night guarantee

Simba Sleep is so confident that their mattress will improve the quality of your sleep that they offer a 200 night money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the mattress within this time frame, you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked, or you can exchange it for another mattress.

When it comes to new mattresses, this is really important because they can feel strange at first, and it can take anywhere between 14 and 30 days to fully adjust to a new mattress and determine if you like it or not. Depending on whether you and your spouse sleep in the same bed, it may take you both a different amount of time to determine whether the mattress enhances the quality of your sleep or not.

10 year warranty

A 10 year manufacturers warranty is included with the purchase of any Simba mattress, in addition to the 200 night sleep guarantee stated above. Generally speaking, this excludes normal wear and tear, but it does cover problems that may develop during this period.
While the usual mattress lifespan is 8-10 years, and it is frequently recommended that the mattress be replaced at this point, Simba guarantees that the mattress will perform for at least this minimal duration.

Good for back sleepers

Weight, body type, sleeping position, and personal preferences are all important factors to consider when selecting a mattress for your specific needs and specifications. The hardness of the mattress is one of the most significant variables to consider when purchasing a mattress.

In terms of firmness, the Simba mattress has only one option, which is approximately 6,5 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale. If you are searching for anything specific, it can be a concern; however, some sleepers might really benefit from a high amount of firmness in their mattress.

According to numerous Simba mattress reviews, the mattress is excellent for back sleepers of average and heavy weight. Back sleepers should choose firmer mattresses that give adequate support, according to research, because they ensure that your spine remains in a healthy position while you sleep on your back.
Being aware that a considerable portion of the population suffers from a lack of quality sleep as a result of back pain, firmer mattresses, such as those manufactured by Simba, may be an excellent option for dealing with the problem.
Even though Simba has only one firmness setting, this does not rule out the mattress for those who prefer a firmer mattress. According to several Simba mattress reviews, folks of average and heavy weight find it to be pleasant, regardless of their preferred sleeping position. Only light-weight stomach sleepers will be little dissatisfied with this product. On the other hand, when it comes to stomach sleepers, this is not the healthiest posture to be in, in general.

The Simba mattress keeps you cool while you are sleeping

Breathability capacities is one of the elements that Simba reviews differentiate. According to the majority of customers, it sleeps incredibly cool and does not trap heat at all. Considering the fact that temperature neutrality is extremely significant to the quality of our sleep, this factor is something you should always take into consideration.

You might be wondering why the Simba mattress is so breathable. Here is what you should know: First and foremost, Simba is built with a permeable sleep surface that does not trap heat against your body. Second, the micro-coils help to increase ventilation and keep you from becoming overheated while sleeping. The graphite used in the production of the foam layer helps to assist cooling as well.

It is bouncy and responsive

Bounciness of the mattress is not something that many Simba mattress reviews mention, but it is a feature that you should seek for if you want to improve your sex life. 
Due to the coils used in the construction of hybrid and innerspring mattresses, they have a tendency to be extremely bouncy and responsive to the user's movements. Innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, frequently fall short of this standard.
Being a hybrid mattress, you will not have any concerns with the lack of bounce and responsiveness that you can experience with other mattresses.


Noise and motion transfer

Sleep interruptions can be caused by both noise and motion transfer, depending on the situation. Having a companion who tosses and turns all night, and your mattress is unable to isolate motions and is noisy when bearing weight, you are in for a difficult night's sleep.
Studies on the motion transfer during sleep have revealed that if you are experiencing movement throughout the night, it can result in more stage 1 sleep and less stage 3 and 4 sleep, which are both necessary for all of the restoration functions that are occurring in our bodies during this time of night.
According to Simba mattress user reviews, some customers have noted that the mattress is not particularly effective at isolating motion transfer and that it can generate some noise while supporting heavy loads. Even while these faults are not particularly obvious in the Simba mattress, they are nonetheless something to be aware of when purchasing a mattress.

Who is the Simba mattress ideal for?

Those who sleep on their side and back: A growing amount of research suggests that medium-firm mattresses are particularly well suited for back and side sleepers, as they offer them with adequate support and cushioning while they sleep. For those who prefer to sleep on their sides, these incredible possibilities may be of interest to you as well. The medium-firm mattress is still popular with many stomach sleepers, but Simba Sleep reviews generally agree that these mattresses may be more suited for back and side sleepers than stomach sleepers.

Those who are on the heavier side: When it comes to heavier folks, the edge support and additional layers can be extremely beneficial in providing them with excellent comfort and a good night's sleep. Note that the 10-year warranty does not cover sleepers who weigh more than 250 pounds, so be sure to check that before purchasing.

Who might be better off buying a different mattress?

People who enjoy flipping their mattresses: If you believe that flipping your mattress will increase the lifespan of your mattress, Simba mattresses may not be the best choice for you. According to Simba Sleep mattress reviews, rotating the mattress rather than flipping it is preferable. It is not possible to flip most hybrid mattresses since the layers are not proportionately distributed and the mattress will not provide the same level of comfort if it is slept on its bottom side.
People who prefer mattresses with removable covers: There are no removable covers on any of the Simba mattresses, which is a disappointment. However, if you do not want to invest additional time and money searching for and purchasing a cover that will suit your mattress, you should definitely explore elsewhere for a mattress that meets your needs.
People who do not want their mattress to sag at any point in the future:The majority of Simba reviews agree that your mattress will gradually sink over time. In the case of all hybrid mattresses, this is the case.

Are there any issues with off-gassing?

No fragrance should be detectable when the Simba Sleep is delivered to the customer. If there is a smell, though, simply cover it with a mattress protector and sheets as you would normally do, and it should be scarcely visible. Any odor will not persist for more than 36 hours after it is released. In addition, organic or natural mattresses tend to smell the most due to the ingredients used in their construction,  but theoretically, with the Simba Hybrid, there is no need to be concerned about this. Some consumers have reported a strong smell that dissapates within a few hours. 

Delivery of your Simba mattress

Simba provides free delivery to addresses throughout the United Kingdom's mainland. It takes around 1-5 days for the mattress to be delivered but foror non-mainland UK regions it may take longer.  Their Premium Delivery service will transport your new mattress to the room of your choice and will remove and recycle your old mattress, if you choose to use this service.

Value for money

Here’s how the Simba mattress RRP compares to that of its rivals:
  • Simba Hybrid: £549 (single), £749 (double), £849 (king), £949 (super king) 

  • Emma Original: £429 (single), £649 (double), £699 (king), £799 (super king)
  • Eve The Original: £349 (single), £599 (double), £699 (king), £799 (super king) 
  • Nectar mattress: £499 (single), £699 (double), £799 (king), £899 (super king)
  • Leesa mattress: £450 (single), £650 (double), £750 (king), £850 (super king)
  • The Casper: £400 (single), £600 (double), £700 (king), £800 (super king)
  • Otty Hybrid: £374 (single), £549 (double), £649 (king), £749 (super king)
However, there are a number of Simba mattress specials throughout the year, with the price of the mattress dropping on a regular basis. For example, Amazon Prime Day last year had a massive 35 percent discount, and there are frequently 20 percent discounts throughout the year. With prices like these, the Simba Hybrid mattress represents excellent value.

What are customers saying about the Simba mattress?


The good:

‘I was apprehensive switching from a traditional mattress to a partially foam one, fearing it might be a bit sweaty. I am not sure whether or not it is because of the layer of springs, but so far I have been very pleasantly surprised’
‘I’d heard of the Simba mattress before, and wanted to upgrade to a luxury bed. It was a decision I had to choose from between a memory foam and Simba. After watching the videos online of the construction of the mattress I was drawn to it - I waited patiently to allow the mattress to expand from its packaging and to my delight it was exactly what I’d wanted in the feel, comfort, springiness, and firmness of a luxury bed I’d been on the search for!’
‘What really made the Simba mattress stand out for us, though, was the brand’s attention to detail. The mattress was posted to us with a handy tool inside the box for removing the plastic, which made setting it up an absolute doddle. It was also one of the easiest mattresses to remove from the box, sliding out easily with just one person pulling it.’
“I struggle to sleep due to the pain and discomfort I receive from my fibromyalgia and lack of sleep really causes my wickedly moody side to come out. However, since purchasing my Simba mattress I have been sleeping beauty and able to sleep the pain away. It offers great comfort and support without being too hard that is causes discomfort. I adore it. It’s revolutionary.”
The bad
‘We've had the mattress for around 9 months now. It's really comfy but is so incredibly hot. It's like it takes your body heat, magnifies it, and then reflects it back at you. We bought it in the summer and thought it was maybe just the time of year but it's the same even in the winter months. If the 100 might guarantee hadn't expired before we figured out the heat was mattress related and not seasonal we would likely have returned it.’
‘The Simba was great to start with, but indentations appeared after a few months. This didn’t matter at first as it was still comfortable. After about a year and a half these indentations became more like ‘ravines’ and were like solid rock at the bottom – so uncomfortable. We have now had the mattress just under three years and I don’t think I can suffer it much longer. There is no support whatsoever and I have to have a pillow in the middle to stop myself rolling into my husband’s deeper ravine. So Simba doesn’t last – go elsewhere is my advice. This was an expensive mistake.’

Final thoughts

Mattresses provide a unique sleeping experience for each individual. Factors such as your weight, body shape, sleeping habit, and general health can all have an impact on how comfortable you find a mattress,  so it is important to weigh up all of the reviews and information provided to you.

Customers have overwhelmingly praised the Simba Hybrid Original mattress, which is available on Amazon. It has received an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on the consumer review website Trustpilot, which has received nearly 10,000 reviews. According to Simba, the mattress has received 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 35,000 reviews, and 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 200 reviews on Amazon, according to the same source. That is continuously outstanding, and many customers have commented on how they have finally gotten a good night's sleep since purchasing the Simba Hybrid mattress.

While only 3 percent of Trustpilot's reviews on the Simba mattress are negative, one common complaint is that the mattress that begins to sag after a few months and loses support. Additionally, a few users have reported the appearance of an indentation running down the middle of the mattress from top to bottom, which they claim causes back pain. Finally, we observed a number of consumers commenting that the Simba mattress is softer than they expected, so keep that in mind when purchasing the mattress. Another thing to bear in mind that a fairly strong odour has been noticed in the first few hours and days of unpacking the mattress. This does go after a while, but is something to keep in mind so that it does not catch you by surprise.