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  • AirIoT monitor air quality to improve indoor climate and prevent viruses to spread.

AirIoT monitor air quality to improve indoor climate and prevent viruses to spread.

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The smart IoT solution AirIoT help prevent COVID-19 and other viruses to spread by examining the air quality constantly. This will assist in improving the indoor conditions in homes, offices, classrooms, shopping centres and many other locations by collecting data from sensors such as CO2 and PM from all main suppliers and using different technologies e.g., LoRaWAN/3GPP.

The hub in the solution is iioote’s platform WebIoT with AI functionality which play a key role in our smart customer IoT solutions. Data driven models and algorithms are used to generate valuable information to the customer to enable them to take right decision and to control their systems and assets. WebIoT can be integrated via industrial protocols to control equipment and send alarms via email or SMS when threshold levels are breached, so immediate action can be taken to improve the ventilation and safeguard of the room occupants’ well-being.

iioote are IoT specialists with more than 100 years of combined IoT / Telecom expertise from e.g., Ericsson which includes specialist knowledge of the entire ecosystems within LPWAN, 3GPP and more. We offer a technology agnostic innovative IoT platform with integrated AI, connections regardless of technology and sensor selection, as well as specialist competence in buildings, construction, and industry.

About iioote AB

iioote works with companies, municipalities, and organizations to implement IoT solutions. iioote develops IoT implementation strategies following careful analysis of the customer's needs. The company has key competencies within IoT, IT and Telecom combined with core expertise in construction, mechanical engineering, and the automotive industry. iioote develops innovative and easy-to-use solutions that push society forward, enabled by new radio-communication protocols such as Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).

Contact: Robert Spertina, VD & Head of IoT, Phone: 070-797 6788, robert.spertina@iioote.com