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  • iioote and Hey IOT partner for SMART CITY, SMART BUILDING and SMART INDUSTRY applications in Germany

iioote and Hey IOT partner for SMART CITY, SMART BUILDING and SMART INDUSTRY applications in Germany

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iioote today announced it has signed a partnership agreement with Hey IOT, an experienced IoT enabler in the German Cyber Valley, to establish sustainable SMART INFRASTRUCTURE Solutions with cities, authorities and enterprises. iioote’s unique platform WebIoT will form the foundation with data from Sensors deployed in buildings, cities, industries, transport & tracking, and agriculture. Implementing these leading solutions Hey IOT will create sustainable value, protect infrastructure and grow the businesses of their clients.

With most global economies now engaged in using IoT to reduce costs, improve revenues and increase customer satisfaction, an increasing number of organizations are finding that something that initially looks easy can turn out to be difficult, complex and costly to develop and maintain. Assembling an IoT solution, it seems, could be one of those things that appears deceptively simple, with recent evidence indicating that it can be a lot harder than it looks.

“iioote continuously strives to simplify IoT solutions and enable the creative environment where deployment can be done quickly, cost effectively and robustly. The WebIoT platform with 30+ IoT solutions provides its customers with a turn-key approach to enable their businesses for digitalisation, whether they are the end-customer or reseller. We are very delighted to welcome Hey IOT as our German partner as Germany is the most important export and import market for Sweden.” says Robert Spertina.

The acceleration of Germany’s digital transformation and the proliferation of new energy efficient technologies are growth engines for the economy. Germany needs enterprises and public organizations of all sizes to be ready to incorporate present and future digital solutions and to do so, these businesses need an agile, scalable, secure and flexible LPWAN/LoRaWAN infrastructure and IoT solutions. This with the powerful platform WebIoT will allow easy access to new innovations that will accelerate business development, complete with investments in technological solutions.

“Our cooperation will empower any kind of German governmental and business driven organisations with the leading European IoT platform. Simplicity with direct impact should be the base of every IoT solution - the “one stop shop” approach of the WebIoT Platform and the tangible passion which drives the iioote team to prompt and efficient solutions will assure our customers to reach their goals in sustainability, growth, citizen and customer satisfaction,” says Steffen Matheis, Geschäftsführer/CEO at Hey IOT.


About iioote AB

iioote works with companies, municipalities, and organizations to implement IoT solutions. iioote develops IoT implementation strategies following careful analysis of the customer's needs. The company has key competencies within IoT, IT and Telecom combined with core expertise in construction, mechanical engineering, and the automotive industry. iioote develops innovative and easy-to-use solutions that push society forward, enabled by new radio-communication protocols such as Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).

Contact: Robert Spertina, CEO & Head of IoT, Phone: +46 70 797 6788, robert.spertina@iioote.com

About Hey IOT GmbH

Hey IOT is on the mission to grow and accelerate businesses, protect value and infrastructure and raise the satisfaction of citizens and customers by using straightforward IOT solutions with direct impact. A broad base of partners building the foundation to be the one stop counterpart for SMART CITY, SMART BUILDING, SMART INFRASTRUCTURE and SMART INDUSTRY solutions and to gain sustainable value.

Contact: Steffen Matheis, Geschäftsführer/CEO, Phone: +49 170 563 7132, steffen.matheis@heyiot.de



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