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  • iioote and SensePro System form a new jointly owned company for Ergonomic and Environmentally Friendly Smart Construction Products with Integrated Wireless Sensor Technology

iioote and SensePro System form a new jointly owned company for Ergonomic and Environmentally Friendly Smart Construction Products with Integrated Wireless Sensor Technology

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SensePro System and iioote will develop and market smart IoT solutions for real estate and the construction industry through jointly owned limited liability company “SenseIoT”. The partners will combine their deep knowledge in IoT with extensive experience in building construction and restoration of fire- and moisture damages addressing construction- and insurance companies in the Nordic region and Germany in the first phase.

iioote is a pioneer and have long experience of multiple LPWAN technologies with focus on LoRaWAN/NB-IoT and its ecosystem. Iioote is well-established and a recognized provider of smart IoT platform with AI, diversity of commercialized IoT solutions, services, and consulting services within IoT.

iioote has a variety of real industrial IoT solutions using sensors developed for the real estate segment and the building construction industry. The IoT solutions and services measure many different types of data and are used to e.g. analyze usage, behavior patterns and efficiency. That information is needed to optimize resources, minimize environmental impact and save a lot of costs.

SensePro System has long experience in building construction handling and restoring water/moisture damages. SensePro System have developed a water damage-proof wet room system with integrated passive wireless moisture sensor technology to detect moisture and mold damage. The products are climate-smart, moisture-stable and recyclable, and additionally installation timesaving. The products fulfill both European ETAG certification, Swedish BKR national requirements and BBV industry rules.

Sense Pro System's intelligent Smart Bathroom concept makes work more ergonomic and timesaving with 80% reduced lifts. Quick and easy installation during renovation and new construction. While repairing or renovating a bathroom it is an extra advantageous to have a short installation time resulting in reduced costs for the property owners, e.g., alternative accommodation etc.

- Sense Pro System as a partner adds another very important piece of the puzzle in our offer in moisture and water related problems in buildings. A problem that exists everywhere in our society and only in Sweden costs more than SEK 10 billion annually. In addition, the sensors can help customers to avoid close contact in apartments / premises / offices etc. for control of damage and thus follow health recommendations, which is especially important in pandemic times, says Robert Spertina, CEO of iioote.

- With iioote as a partner, we get access to several very important functions that we will update our products and system solutions with that is using the latest active wireless sensor technology. The smart IoT platform allows detection of slow small leaks which often leads to extensive mold damage and expensive renovation costs as a result. With Sense Pro System Smart Bathroom, the customer gets full control of leaks and damage using iioote's active wireless sensors that send alarms to a web-based monitoring center that provides access to important measurement data. This will enable customers to act in time and professionally to prevent further damage, says Ulf Boart, CEO of Sense Pro System Europa AB.

About iioote AB

iioote work with companies, organizations, and municipalities in implementing IoT in their business, from analysis need and strategy to planning, implementation and system integration. iioote has expertise in IoT, IT and Telecom, combined with industry-specific skills from the construction, machinery, and automotive industries. iioote integrates solutions that drive the development of simple and innovative IoT in the community. This is enabled by radio systems that use low-energy technology, Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).

Contact: Robert Spertina, CEO and Head of IoT, phone +46 70 797 67 88, robert.spertina@iioote.com

About Sense Pro System Europa AB

Sense Pro System works to develop, produce, market and sell the climate-smart intelligent connected moisture indication system Smart Bathroom. We work both towards the regulatory stage as architects, construction consultants, housing companies, management organizations, the wooden house industry and the construction companies, and this applies to both new production and renovations. At the same time, we work closely with insurance companies to prevent water damage in homes and where any avoided water damage is a great benefit for both our environment and climate.

Contact: Ulf Boart, CEO, tel. +46 708-55 69 08, ulf@senseprosystem.se