iioote's solution CountIoT helps keep track of the number of visitors

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iioote has modified its smart CountIoT solution to include support for stores/premises and more, which in 2019/2020 was launched at recycling stations for visitor counting. The solution helps the store to control how many visitors are inside the store/premises at the same time with the help of using sensors. Information is displayed on screens to allow or stop customers to enter during Covid-19.

The solution uses the latest LoRaWAN technology and is a perfect tool for limiting the number of concurrent visitors, for example at, shops, gyms/sport facilities, cafés and in many other places. What makes this system unique and superior is that all the basic parts of the solution are very cost effective and do not require wired power and are installed in less than an hour.

Via the WebIoT web portal, all information is available, such as number of visitors in the store or premises. The maximum limit is easily changed in the portal and when the maximum number limit is exceeded, the system sends a signal and display the information on a screen. Manual control of the screen or lamp is also supported in the event that the store temporarily wants to stop visitors to enter, for example when cleaning or another activity/event. Other important information that shows sensor status, battery levels and alarm settings is easily made in the portal.

An important feature is statistics to increase efficiency with the help of data analysis from the visitor counting. Examples can be when comparing stores, which stores achieve the best results, measuring marketing activities, trends, and the knowledge of the number of visitors improves the possibility of cost reductions. Customers can also get information about the visiting situation right now in cases where stores post that information on their website.

The system will continue to provide valuable information even after Covid-19 with visitor statistics for cleaning, customer information, personnel planning and many more.

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