Orust municipality keeps track of the water temperature at public beaches

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The public water and sewage utility department at Orust municipality have built a wireless network throughout the municipality to be able to read water meters remotely. The wireless network can be used for other purposes, such as keeping track of the water temperature starting this summer.

The application is made possible by the leading LPWAN standard LoRaWAN®, which is based on an open standard and is a cost-effective way of communication with battery powered sensors. The advantages are several with very long reach and low energy sensors.

Bertil Moberg, responsible for IoT Solutions at iioote AB says “iioote is very pleased that yet another municipality is now using our water temperature solution oCIoT. We are looking forward to continue our cooperate with Orust municipality which are technically far ahead in the use of LPWAN. We hope to be able to help Orust with several of our innovative solutions that benefit the municipality, companies and its inhabitants, both environmental and cost saving but which also make social benefits.”

“It is exciting that we can, in such a simple way, give our eager swimmers a good and useful service” says Angelica Johansson, Recreational Department at Orust Municipality.

“I am glad that we could quickly and easily utilize our radio network to let the residents take part of this solution. We hope to be able to offer a continued good service to the municipality, businesses and residents with innovative IoT-solutions in our network” says Björn Martinsson, head of business operations within Orust municipality.

For Orust municipality, the expansion of the wireless network has been made possible by a collaboration between Hvaler municipality in Norway and Orust municipality. A project which is partly financed by the EU program Interreg and the project ESBÖ - smart and sustainable island communities in Orust and Hvaler.

Read more here: http://www.interreg-sverige-norge.com/?portfolio=et-smart-og-baerekraftig-oysamfunn-orust-og-hvaler

Contact Orust municipality: Björn Martinsson, phone +46 304-33 47 80, bjorn.martinsson@orust.se


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