The Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) concludes in testing of iiootes warning system for moisture and water damage that wireless sensors help to detect leaks at an early stage

iioote and RISE has carried out a four-month test of a warning system for moisture and water damage. The conclusion of the measurements shows when appropriate and correctly placed sensors are used a water leak can be detected at an early stage avoiding consequential damages. In some cases, the expansion of a water leak might additionally be detected.

During 2018 iioote launched the IoT solution “SenseIoT” systemized for monitoring of moisture and mold in properties with wireless sensors using the LoRaWAN ™ standard. This solution is now verified and tested by RISE and documented in a report with the subject "Wireless warning system for moisture and water damage in buildings" consisting of moisture and temperature sensors. 

The test included functional control of the warning systems ability to detect elevated moisture levels in a system of joists test set-up floor built to scale. The test involved collecting data from multiple sensor manufacturers compared with RISE's calibrated sensors and to investigate the functionality of moisture detection in narrow spaces such as system of joists, and in the event of a leak, see the spread of the moisture in the floor structure. 

iiootes construction engineering department built the test set-up floor used for the measurements carried out at RISE premises in the city of Borås over four months. Conclusions from the RISE report:

"In general, the investigation shows that the choice of humidity sensor and the sensor location is very important when a warning system for moisture and water damage is fitted into a building construction. The dispersion of the moisture level in the joists was also measured satisfactorily."

"The result shows that a warning system for moisture and water damage can be based of any of the humidity sensors that have shown very good or good conformity with RISE moisture sensors."

“Overall, the measurements show that with the right sensors and with correct positioning of the sensors, a leak can be detected at an early stage avoiding consequential damage. Additionally, in some cases the expansion of a water leak can be detected.”

iioote is looking forward to a continued dialogue with insurance companies, real estate companies, construction companies and many more to increase the use and implement this cost-saving and other IoT-solutions. Read more about the solution SenseIoT at 

DISCLAIMER: The English version is a translation of the original in Swedish for information purposes only. In case of a discrepancy, the Swedish original will prevail. 

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