Th e Grote Geer family home: losing a key will no longer cost us money

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With a single iLOQ key, the owner will be able to enter the Grote Geer family home, his own home and his other properties.


Thanks to the consistently high level of security guaranteed by iLOQ, residents at the Grote Geer family home will be able to feel at home even after a threat or unpleasant experience in their own home. But this was not the only reason for choosing iLOQ.The Grote Geer family home provides accommodation for 10 young people who, due to neglect, physical and/or mental abuse and/or other negative experiences, cannot live in their own home. Wim Diepeveen and Anja Reijersen van Buuren, see a safe home as a precondition for building a successful future. When converting the former Grote Geer farm, built in 1708, into a family home, they chose iLOQ because a mechanical locking system presented too many challenges for residents that frequently change.

“Everyone will have their own key. As a ‘parent’, I can determine, per key, to which room a key holder has (temporary) access. If a key is lost, the access rights to that key can be removed from the digital system so that, if found, the key can no longer be used,” explains Wim Diepeveen.

“By removing the need to change the cylinders, re-key any locks or change any of the keys still in use, losing a key will no longer cost us money.”

Sustainability and social responsibility are also important to Mr Diepeveen. With iLOQ’s digital locking solution, locks are powered by the motion of inserting the key into the lock – no batteries or cables are needed.

iLOQ will make Mr Diepeveen’s life easier on a daily basis: “With one digital key, I will be able to enter the family home, my own home and my other properties.

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