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Company Announcement No. 7-2021

Copenhagen, 27 July 2021

In connection with the appointment of Tommaso Di Carlo as new Product Director, the Board of Directors has today exercised part of its current authorization to issue a total of 30,000 new warrants to Tommaso Di Carlo.

The exercised price is fixed at DKK 27.81 per share corresponding to average closing price for the previous ten days (13 July to 26 July 2021) prior to the date on which the Board of Directors decided to grant the warrants. The warrants will vest according to the Articles of Association, appendix E, section 2.1.2 and will lapse automatically if not exercised before 31 December 2025. Warrants can be exercised in periods of four weeks starting the day after publication of the Company’s annual report, half-year report or quarterly report, respectively. 

The warrants include conditions on accelerated vesting in case of change of control, e.g., takeover bid, merger or delisting. The warrants are issued in accordance with section 4.5 of the Articles of Association.

The theoretical market value of one warrant granted is DKK 4.35 (calculated using the Black Scholes model). The key assumptions for the calculation are a share price of DKK 25.30, an exercise price of DKK 27.81, volatility of 25%, and a risk-free interest rate of 0%.

The specific terms of warrants issued by the Company can be found in the Articles of Association on

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