Actor William Forsythe ignites...

Indican Pictures latest film release has an all star cast.

Feb. 26, 2013 LOS ANGELES CA – Indican Pictures release of of the dark comedy, ‘Happy in the Valley’ will be available nationwide starting on February 26, 2013.  The film, starring legendary actors William Forsythe, and Dee Wallace, details the downward spiral of a once renowned erotic photographer through a series of hijinks and temper tantrums intercut with beautiful and compelling stop motion animation. 

"It's hard to pass up on a film with such a talented cast. William Forsythe and Dee Wallace deliver great performances and newcomers Zoe Hall and Shaun Sipos more than hold their own." said Randolph Kret, VP of Indican Pictures. "It's refreshing to see a comedy that manages to tell a compelling and humorous story while maintaining a sense of realism to the subject at hand."

The movie tells the story of photographer Stewart Fox (William Forsythe), a once prominent artist whose career has been reduced to producing erotic photography out of his home studio. In an attempt at self-validation, the bitter has-been hires a young struggling photographer named Wade Ward to chronicle his life and career.  Yet the two begin to butt heads when a hot new model shows up to pose for Fox. Her desire for fame and fortune is put to the test as Fox pushes her more daring poses while Ward presses her to leave the industry forever. As things begin to spiral out of control, so does Fox's grip on reality and it may take passing out in the lawn of a former nun (Dee Wallace) to find out what it really means to be “Happy in the Valley”.

The film won best film and best actor (William Forsythe) at the Monaco International Film Festival. Writer/Director Lee Madsen delivers big laughs and sexy performances thanks to a talented and diverse cast. Be sure to check out the battle for success, lust, and the perfect shot in this outrageous comedy. |!/indicanpictures |


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