An award-winning Edinburgh software company is offering its successful iPad based business model for free to one lucky Irish franchisee.

The successful Irish partner will enter into a 50/50 agreement with the Scottish firm, with profits to be divided equally, and no investment on the part of the franchisee required.

Intelligent Point of Sale, who produce iPad Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) software saw their user base grow by 200% in 2014, with users across the UK and Europe.

Headed up by 27 year old Robin Knox and Northern Irishman Paul Walton, 28, the firm’s downloadable app, intelligentpos®, is used by bars, hotels and retailers through portable iPads.

The initial free opportunity will act as a test bed for the EPOS business model, before introducing a charged version in other key territories.

Robin Knox, Director of Intelligent Point of Sale said:

“After such a successful year in 2014, we’re ready to invite applications for our first franchise”.

“Ireland made sense as our initial test site because of the country’s great talent pool in the business and technology sectors. Being able to forge an international business relationship so close to Scotland whilst working in the same language is also an added bonus.

“We are looking to choose an experienced software company able to take on this opportunity without the worry of investment or risk associated with starting a standalone business”

The self-funded Scottish start-up, who won the entrepreneurial Young Edge award in 2014, was the first to market an iPad based till system for UK retail and hospitality users in 2012.

intelligentpos® software is competing alongside large American EPOS providers to assist businesses in the UK which recognise the need for modern and responsive tablet based systems.

Intelligent Point of Sale has already secured multiple national deals including arrangements with electronic cigarette retailers VIP who operate 35 outlets in the UK, Underbelly, the UKs largest festival operator and Canadian coffee giant, Second Cup.

Robin added:

“With increasing amounts of SMEs looking to cut overhead costs and cater to increasingly tech-savvy customer bases, more are turning to innovative EPOS solutions which increase their control and efficiency. That is why our business model is so scalable and therefore financially attractive to franchise partners.”

Notes to editors:

Intelligent Point of Sale Limited

1.         Edinburgh-based Intelligent Point of Sale Limited supplies computerised cash register software and hardware to small and large businesses throughout the UK and the world.

2.         The product – intelligentpos® - is an iPad and cloud-based point of sale application which allows businesses to process transactions with portable and flexible hardware and software.

3.         intelligentpos® allows business owners to remotely monitor their commercial activity, manage staffing levels and alter products and offers.

4.         intelligentpos® is fully integrated with mature POS apparatuses such as chip and pin provider Verifone, and Xero – the world’s number one cloud accountancy system.

5.         intelligentpos®  is a hybrid cloud system, meaning that it is not internet reliant.

6.         Founded in October 2012 by business partners Robin Knox (age 27) and Paul Walton (age 28), Intelligent Point of Sale Limited employs 14 members of staff in Edinburgh.

7.         intelligentpos® packages start from £39 plus VAT per month for the use of one iPad.





We are looking to choose an experienced software company able to take on this opportunity without the worry of investment or risk associated with starting a standalone business
Robin Knox