OSLO, NORWAY - June 29, 2017 - Induct AS has signed an agreement with the Sunnaas Hosiptal (’Sunnaas Sykehus’), which is a part of South East Regional Health Authority ("Helse Sør Øst"). 

Synnaas is the largest specialist hospital with focus on rehabilitation and physical medicine. Research, innovation and education are their central competence areas and the hospital is engaged in extensive international collaboration.

Induct has during the last two years signed subscription contracts with 17 of the 30 Health Authorities in all four health regions in Norway. The sale to Sunnas include the  'Innovation Management' module. The numbers of subscription contracts is currently 22, which means that some Health Authorities subscribe to several modules to support different business processes. Other healthcare modules include ’Grant management’, ’Procedure management’ and ’Lean Management’. 

"Induct's Healthcare Network continues to grow and provide value to the connected members. The network enables healthcare professionals to find and adopt solutions that other hospitals have successfully implemented to solve similar challenges. We are moving closer to our ambition to become the 'yellow pages' for documented and shared successes within network economies." says Alf Martin Johansen, CEO of Induct.  "We are very glad to see the strong adoption in our home market Norway. We will use this experience to strengthen our position in much larger markets where we have a presence, such as Spain and the United Kingdom".  


For further information, please contact:

Alf Martin Johansen, Chief Executive Officer
+47 90 17 94 35

About Induct

Based on eight years of collaboration with over 250 organizations globally, Induct offers a digital platform that enables efficient management of knowledge based projects and processes. In addition Induct enables the organisations to communicate, collaborate and share knowledge in a secure cloud-based network.

Subscriptions is the main source of income for Induct. Induct has customers in 9 countries

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