Interim Report, January 1 -June 30, 2002

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Interim Report January 1- June 30, 2002 Industrivärden's stock Total return 1) as per August 15, -32%, Total Return Index -33% 2002: Price trend as per August 15, 2002: -36%, General Index -34% Net asset value As per August 15, 2002: SEK 133 per share Change since start of year: -35% As per June 30, 2002: SEK 153 per share As per December 31, 2001: SEK 204 per share Listed portfolio Value at August 15, 2002: SEK 25,119 M Change in value since start of year: -35% Value at June 30, 2002: SEK 28,905 M Value at December 31, 2001: SEK 40,535 M * In May, 15% of the shares in the medical technology company Össur were acquired, for SEK 260 M. The acquisition is a step in Industrivärden's strategy of creating a position as an active and influential owner in listed Nordic companies with good potential for value creation. *The sale of Besam was completed at mid-year. The sales price was SEK 3.1 billion, generating a capital gain of SEK 2.3 billion. * Industrivärden has committed to subscribe for SEK 3 billion in stock in Ericsson's rights issue. Of this amount, SEK 0.7 billion will be subscribed based on Industrivärden's existing holding, with an additional subscription of up to SEK 2.3 billion in the event the rights issue is not fully subscribed. 1) Price trend plus reinvested dividends. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: The full report The full report