Indutrade increases MTN program and updates prospectus

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Indutrade extends the frame on its existing MTN (Medium Term Notes) program from SEK 3 billion to SEK 5 billion and today announces an updated prospectus. Since the MTN program was established in 2018, Indutrade has successfully issued a number of bonds.

“Issuing bonds is an important part of our funding structure. The purpose of extending the frame of the MTN program is to ensure competitive and diversified funding conditions going forward”, says Patrik Johnson, CFO of Indutrade.

The purpose of expanding the borrowing limit on the MTN program is to ensure that the conditions continue to exist for competitive and diversified financing.

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority has today approved and registered the prospectus, which is available for down-load on Indutrade’s website and on

Indutrade has the credit rating BBB- with stable outlook, from the rating agency S&P Global Ratings.

Stockholm, 15 November 2021


For further information, please visit or contact:
Patrik Johnson, CFO
Phone, +46 70 397 50 30

About Indutrade

Indutrade is an international technology and industrial business group that today consists of more than 200 companies in some 30 countries, mainly in Europe. In a decentralised way, we aim to provide sustainable profitable growth by developing and acquiring successful companies managed by passionate entrepreneurs. Our companies develop, manufacture, and sell components, systems and services with significant technical content in selected niches. Our value-based culture, where people make the difference, has been the foundation of our success since the start in 1978. Indutrade's net sales totalled SEK 19.2 billion in 2020, and the share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in Sweden.