Inex One Launches Approved Network Program to Give Clients Access to Expert Knowledge without Expensive Contracts

Inex One, the global Expert Management System (EMS), today announces the launch of its Approved Network Program (ANP) for selected expert networks.

The Approved Network Program (ANP) is a partnership program between Inex One and selected expert networks. The program allows clients to access specialized, high-quality experts from multiple networks in different niche industries and geographies, in one digital platform.  

“We've seen that many clients only use one expert network. They're locked into expensive contracts, paid annually up-front. Thanks to the Approved Network Program, these clients can access unique experts from specialist expert networks - without having to negotiate each contract individually or pay expensive yearly fees up-front” says Max Friberg, CEO and co-founder of Inex One. 

The Approved Network Program will function as an extension of the Inex One EMS, launched earlier this year. The EMS is a SaaS platform for procurement and administration of expert network services, allowing clients to manage all of their expert network suppliers within one closed ecosystem.  

The Approved Network Program will further strengthen Inex One’s position as a digital aggregator, providing clients with a wider selection of suppliers, and expert networks with access to new demand. 

Expert calls have emerged as a top source of information for investment research. One million calls are estimated to be conducted annually, resulting in a market size for expert networks of $1bn in 2018. 

Max Friberg, CEO and co-founder
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