Information Builders Helps Companies Act on the Internet of Things

Customers Across Verticals Turning to Industry Leader for IoT Integration and Analytics 

Stockholm, Sweden and Grapevine, TX, March 8, 2017 Today, at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2017, Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions, announced that it is helping numerous customers derive value from their Internet of Things (IoT) investments. The company’s big data integration and analytics tools ensure the quality and accuracy of IoT data, and its WebFOCUS platform enables organizations to derive actionable intelligence from this information.

The connected enterprise produces vast amounts of new information every second, and organizations need a way to rapidly ingest, contextualize, and analyze these big data sources. Once these stipulations are met, IoT data offers companies unprecedented opportunities to drive efficiencies; optimize labor, energy, and other resources; cut costs; and operate more competitively. Information Builders’ solutions enable organizations to easily address the data management and integration requirements critical to the success of IoT initiatives, so that they can truly capitalize on the power of their information.

Information Builders’ iWay data management tools natively ingest, cleanse, and integrate IoT data, ensuring that initiatives are not crippled by the challenges of fragmented data or inaccurate or incomplete information. Once the data has been integrated, WebFOCUS allows companies to conduct analytics on IoT and other enterprise data and present the resulting insights in the right way to the right business user. Among the companies using Information Builders to derive actionable intelligence from their IoT investments are:

  • The Cascades Tissue Group, which makes packaging and tissue products composed of recycled fibers. The company uses machinery sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, and other operating conditions that affect the quality of the finished products, and it relies on Information Builders’ iWay tools to integrate this data with its legacy business applications. This allows Cascades to ensure that its IoT-enabled production equipment is functioning optimally, monitor the quality of finished goods on the production line, improve forecasting, and remove waste from the supply chain.
  • Plex Systems, which relied on WebFOCUS to build IntelliPlex, a proprietary solution that enables manufacturers to analyze operational metrics. The system encompasses data gleaned from networked sensors that can be used for equipment configuration, troubleshooting, quality control, and maintenance purposes. In addition to driving efficiencies on the shop floor, analyzing data from IntelliPlex enables manufacturers to identify areas for improvement throughout the supply chain.
  • Maverick Transportation, which uses WebFOCUS to gain real-time insight into the safety and status of its fleet. The company’s trailers are equipped with door sensors, fuel sensors, and other monitoring devices – the data from which is continually transmitted from the drivers and their vehicles. Maverick’s fleet managers rely on WebFOCUS dashboards to supervise their drivers, and provide insight into safety, maintenance, and other domains.

Gerald Cohen, president and CEO, Information Builders, said:
“The IoT has the potential to revolutionize business processes by accelerating the delivery of insights and improving decision-making. Companies can only realize this promise when they have overcome fragmented information environments, data quality issues, and limited analytics programs that don’t consider the needs of all stakeholders. Information Builders is proud of our proven ability to address these requirements and provide our customers with a framework for making the most of their IoT investments.”

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