Information Builders Introduces Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition to Streamline Data Management Projects

Powerful Integration and Cleansing Tools Allow Business Users to Improve the Consistency, Accuracy, and Timeliness of Critical Data

Stockholm, Sweden, New York, NY – March 9, 2017 – Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions, today announced Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition, a unified platform for profiling, cleansing, and enriching information in databases and corporate information systems. Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition empowers business people to collaborate with IT professionals to promote consistency, accuracy, and completeness across all types of data sources—including native Hadoop sources and file formats for big data projects.

All organizations rely on data to execute transactions and make decisions, but key data sources often contain errors that negatively impact business activities. These rogue data elements have an adverse effect on sales, finance, customer service, quality control, and many other business functions. Built on the foundation of Omni-Gen Integration Edition, Information Builders’ new data quality platform combines a powerful rules engine with a data quality firewall to proactively eliminate bad data—often in the context of comprehensive master data management initiatives.

Traditionally, these projects are hindered by incomplete or conflicting business rules, scoring techniques, validation methods, and data requirements. Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition remedies this situation with a unified toolset for profiling, cleansing, and enriching data—all packaged into a user-friendly workbench designed for business users. The workbench allows the business community to correct defects in the data without the burden of sourcing that data or learning to use software that is primarily designed for IT professionals. It’s easy to detect defects, share cleansing rules and operations with other business users, and collaborate with developers to execute data quality and MDM initiatives.

Gerald Cohen, president and CEO, Information Builders, said:

“Organizations need a flexible, reliable, and proactive way to preserve the integrity of their critical information assets. Today’s broad range of applications, databases, systems, messages, and documents make it more difficult than ever to identify and control data quality on an ongoing basis. If you can’t easily combine, cleanse, and manage your data, you can’t fully tap into its value.”

Omni-Gen starts with the business drivers and business artifacts, and then auto-generates business processes and rules, reducing implementation times for complex data management projects from months to weeks. It’s all part of a progressive data management strategy that simultaneously tackles data integration, data governance, and BI development as part of a continuous flow. Information Builders leveraged its rich iWay heritage to design this new data quality platform, with an eye to improving data processing in transactional and analytical applications. Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition is an important addition to Information Builders’ Data Management Platform, a mature set of technologies that helps organizations solve complex data challenges. 

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