Information Builders Offers iWay Big Data Integrator on Microsoft Azure Marketplace Cloud

Enterprises Can Harness Big Data’s Potential With This Native Hadoop Solution for Data Lake Creation and Management

New York, NY, – March 23, 2017 – Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, data integrity, and integration solutions, today announced that it is offering its iWay Big Data Integrator (iBDI) product via the cloud on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The solution simplifies the creation, management, and use of Hadoop-based data lakes, providing a modern integration and management approach that ensures the high levels of capability, compatibility, and flexibility required to derive value from big data initiatives. 

Big data has the potential to help companies improve performance and profitability, and many organizations rely on Hadoop to support their big data strategies. However, to reap the full return on this investment, organizations need the ability to perform data management inside the Hadoop cluster. iWay Big Data Integrator provides this capability natively, unlike competitor solutions that require organizations to pull information out of Hadoop to manage it. In addition, the solution’s intuitive interface ensures users can use it without extensive knowledge or training in Hadoop.

Product highlights include:

  • Spark Pipeline: An Apache Spark™-based pipeline can be configured in iBDI to transform, cleanse, join, or perform other operations on incoming data. This enables many operations to be performed in-memory on the Spark cluster, increasing efficiency and saving resources, time, and read/write operations
  • Data Ingestion: iBDI hides the complexity of data ingestion, replacement, and de-duplication using a variety of technologies – all without programming
  • Data Transformation: iBDI leverages the Hadoop ecosystem and native components to transform data from many sources to one or many targets

As a result of these and other key iWay Big Data Integrator features, companies can leverage their Hadoop implementations to streamline operations, use existing talent to speed up adoption, ensure greater agility at less cost, enhance customer relationships, manage risk more effectively, and identify new sources of revenue.

Gerald Cohen, president and CEO, Information Builders, said:
“Many organizations have seen the benefits of big data, but mistakenly believe that integrating Hadoop into their data management strategy necessitates new developer tools, user interfaces, and technical skills­ – in an entirely new environment. iWay Big Data Integrator eliminates these challenges and makes using Hadoop easy, allowing organizations to support any kind of use case within the cluster in an intuitive, accessible manner. We encourage companies to experience the benefits of our Big Data Integrator firsthand.”

Access the iWay Big Data Integrator on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace today, and visit our product page to learn more about the solution and its benefits. 

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