Inhalation Sciences’ new CEO in revealing first broadcast interview

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”We’ve built up our pipeline of leads from 20 or 30 - to 80, of those I think we have 8 really hot leads”. Meet new ISAB CEO Lena Heffler, in her first revealing, dynamic broadcast interview.

“For me it’s a dream job”, “I’ve got a solid science background, and since 2001 I’ve focused on sales within Life Science”, ”We’ve received two proposals from two major players on collaborating and further developing our instrument.”

New ISAB CEO Lena Heffler has given a wide-ranging first broadcast interview with financial news service Finwire. In it she discusses ISAB’s current strategic sales activities, her own background and why she was drawn to the company.

Watch the 10-minute interview with Lena Heffler and ISAB CSO Per Gerde HERE.

Watch a 2-minute highlight with Lena Heffler HERE.

For more information about Inhalation Sciences please contact:

Lena Heffler, CEO 
Phone: +46 (0)70 205 96 20

About Inhalations Sciences Sweden AB (publ)

Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB (publ) develops and commercializes world-leading instruments for research into inhalation. The company’s patented lab instrument, PreciseInhale®, enables researchers to characterize, with high precision, how aerosols and small particles impact our lungs, and so our health, when we breathe them in.


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