Inhalation Sciences’ PreciseInhale receives extended international Registered Trademark

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(Stockholm, 10 February 2021) PreciseInhale®, Inhalation Sciences’ flagship high-precision aerosol generator for preclinical respiratory research, has received an extended international Registered Trademark from the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). ISAB CEO Manoush Masarrat: “This will play an important role in protection of our trademark and driving the growth of PreciseInhale® in many strategic global markets.”

The new trademark will last for ten years and designates PreciseInhale® as unique and protected not only in the European market – but also in the strategic markets of India, the US, China and Japan. 

ISAB CEO Manoush Masarrat: “This is a crucial mark of global distinction. It confirms PreciseInhale’s unique capabilities in key strategic markets like India, the US, China and Japan. We believe it will play an important role in driving the growth of PreciseInhale® in these regions, and more. As the world increasingly invests in urgent respiratory research this tells researchers worldwide that the quality, precision and capabilities they will get from PreciseInhale® is truly unique.” 

Under the registered trademark PreciseInhale® and its suite of modules are covered as “unique medical and veterinary apparatus and instruments; aerosol generators for medical purposes; artificial lungs; medical apparatus for aerosol exposure of cells; medical apparatus for studies of cellular effects induced by airborne particles; medical apparatus for monitoring dissolution of particles.”

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About Inhalations Sciences Sweden AB (publ)

Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB (publ) develops and commercializes world-leading instruments for research into inhalation. The company’s patented lab instrument, PreciseInhale®, enables researchers to characterize, with high precision, how aerosols and small particles impact our lungs, and so our health, when we inhale them.