Ziccum attracts powerful new Board

Ziccum AB’s new Board of Directors includes the Head of Life Science at Chalmers Ventures, and a Senior Advisor at Karolinska Institutet Innovation AB. “The business and scientific calibre of our new members is a powerful vote of confidence in our product, market and vision,” says Ziccum CEO Göran Conradson.

Ziccum AB, a subsidiary of ISAB, is commercializing a dry powder air drying system that could revolutionize how vaccines and drugs are formulated and transported. It dries them at room temperature—transforming them into stable dry powders that are cheap and easy to transport, from often delicate, difficult-to-transport liquids. Ziccum attracted capital funding of 2.25 MSEK in 2018 and expects to be listed independently in Q4 2018.

“Our three new members bring even more business and pharmaceutical skills to the table,” says Göran Conradson “combining decades-long experience in drug and business development.”

The three new Ziccum Board members

Ola Camber PhD and Assoc. Prof. in Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, is an expert in drug formulation/delivery. He is CEO and Founder of ClinStorage AB. With decades of experience in the health care sector e.g. Director of Pharmaceutical R&D at Astra/AstraZeneca, VP Drug Development and Board member at Biotech Companies and Senior Adviser at Karolinska Institutet Innovation AB, Ola is a Member of the Review Panel of the Swedish Research Council. 

Mattias Münnich is VP for Business at Stayble Therapeutics and Head of Life Sciences at high-profile innovation and incubation hub Chalmers Ventures. Mattias is a driven veteran of biotech start-up ventures. He guides complex products and drugs to market through Clinical Trials and has contracted GMP manufacturing, designed regulatory strategies, negotiated clinical study agreements, met with some of big pharma’s top business development executives—and more.

Kristian Kierkegaard has a background in investment banking as a sell-side equity researcher and sales analyst. He is the CEO and founder of a private asset management company focused on financing small- and mid-cap growth companies. Kristian has a strong track record in equity finance and has a M.Sc. in Finance from Jönköping International Business School and Singapore Management University. Alongside Ziccum, Kristian serves on the Board of private equity company AGOF Investments.

Current long-term members are CEO Göran Conradson, CFO Michael Owens (currently CFO of parent company ISAB too) and Board Chairman Fredrik Sjövall, (outgoing CEO of parent company ISAB and its next Board Chairman).

For more information about Inhalation Sciences please contact:

Lena Heffler, CEO 
Email: lena.heffler@inhalation.se
Phone: +46 (0)70 205 96 20

About ISAB

Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB develops and sells advanced lab equipment for inhalation R&D that measures how particles in inhaled air affect our health. ISAB has patents in the EU, US, Japan and China, a proven product and business model with revenue from pilot customers and Key Opinion Leaders totalling approximately 25 MSEK over the last three years. The company is now facing a phase of increased sales and faster growth in a growing market with high potential.

About Ziccum AB

Ziccum AB develops and commercializes the patented spray-drying instrument LaminarPace®. LaminarPace is an innovative, CE-labelled instrument that dries small amounts of drug substances with very low losses. The vast majority of pharmaceutical projects prefer substances in dry powder form, as it increases their stability, durability and simplifies logistics and transportation. LaminarPace is also unique in its ability to handle temperature-sensitive materials such as proteins and peptides.

About Us

Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB (publ.) develops and sells patented, highly innovative labtech equipment for inhalation research. Scientists using it can now know, with unprecedented accuracy, how particles behave in our lungs when we inhale them: whether new pollutants or life-saving drugs that power human development.