New Healthy Eating Guide for a Very Low Calorie Diet from Shake That Weight

There are thousands of recipes and blogs on the internet, all advising on numerous diets. 

There are thousands of recipes and blogs on the internet, all advising on numerous diets. With so much advice out there it can become difficult to know what to pay attention to. A Very Low Calorie Diet is fairly new to most people and Shake That Weight, a leading UK supplier of VLCD shakes, are trying to help provide access to the right information, in an easy to follow and concise guide.

 The companies Healthy Eating section on the website is designed to provide people with a quick guide to losing weight whilst using Shake That Weight VLCD Shakes. A spokesperson for the company said:

“We found it difficult to know what advice to follow when looking at our competitors’ products. There is so much information out there and it can sometimes be overwhelming. You also don’t know who is actually giving good advice. This is where the idea for our simple guide and helpful tips section came from. We wanted to give our customers trustworthy advice that they can adapt into their own lifestyle, without overwhelming them with information.”

The healthy eating section not only provides advice on what foods to eat for certain nutritional levels but also advises readers on how to cook it for the best low fat results. The bottom of the page gives numerous ‘helpful tips’ to make quick and easy changes to your diet like “substitute potatoes for pumpkin or sweet potato”.

For these great tips, healthy eating suggestions and other advice for following a Very Low Calorie diet you should visit; It should be noted that all the advice should be followed at your own risk and you should consult a medical professional with any queries. 

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