Student Money Saver Calls for Student Finance to be Taught at High School

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(United Kingdom – 16th September) Personal finance should indeed be taught in schools across the United Kingdom, that is the opinion of scholars, financial authorities and the student press – most notably Student Money Saver (SMS).

As a record 670,000 students prepare for University for the very first time, the likes of UCAS have spoken out and announced that the current batch of fresher’s will have to learn about student finance very quickly. Many pupils are left high and dry if paperwork hasn’t been filled in correctly or if there are predictable delays with the SLC system. The process has crashed before now and the saga with the UCAS system on results day will have hardly filled people with confidence.

As Student Money Saver has been highlighting in its recent set of guides and profiles, no students should solely rely on funds from the Student Loans Company arriving punctually.

Student Money Saver and other websites such as Young Academic and National Student are on hand to give this sort of guidance. There is however a very good case to be argued when it comes to this information becoming part of the A-Level course.

Proposals include small lessons for students that have applied to UCAS during the second half of A2 level year – just a small amount of tutelage could result in students being far more clued up when it comes to student loans.

Students preparing for University are encouraged to check out the great new Student Money Saver site for further news regarding student money, student offers and student discounts.