Student Money Saver Reiterates Commitment to Student Offers and Scams

New Student Money Saver Profiles Aim To Warn Students of Online Scams and the Best Student Offers

(United Kingdom – 8th September 2011) Student Money Saver has stepped up its student money efforts with yet more articles and blogs regarding student offers. The site had recently announced the start of a series of featured dedicated to fresher’s week and student loans and this week has seen some great advice about avoiding online scams.

In what has been described on the site as the most important news yet are being urged to beware of online deals that could hit their bank balance destructively. Student Money Saver has picked up on the fact that companies have been targeting students due to their need for quick cash and student discounts.

The main points covered in the latest student finance blog are:

  • Money saving deals that tie you into a subscription. Similar to the loans companies above, services like ‘Shopper Discounts & Rewards’ will lure you in with the promise of money off and free items and then tie you into a monthly fee. Read more about this student news story.
  • Loan finder websites. These find you payday or unsecured loans at a ridiculously high interest rate and then charge you a monthly subscription for their troubles. Loans are never a good idea and these are by far the worst.
  • False e-mails claiming to be from your bank asking you to verify your details. These are NEVER genuine so please don’t reply.

Students are being warned on the site that although the above offers seem like a good idea at the time, the small print should always be read as they could leave youngsters with even less money than they started out with.

To head over to the Student Money Saver site today to read more on all things student money, simply click this link.