Incentive program for management and employees fully subscribed

CEO Patrik Dahlqvist and employees at Insplorion AB subscribe 120,000 warrants within the company's incentive program. The CEO subscribes the largest individual item of 30,000 warrants, with remaining 90,000 warrants subscribed by the company's other employees.

At the Annual General Meeting April 17 earlier this year, it was decided that the company would issue 120,000 warrants directed to the company's key personnel. The purpose is to strengthen the bond to employees and key personnel, facilitate recruitment, and enable employees to benefit from a favorable share price development, as for all shareholders.

The program of this series TO 2018/2020, is based on the Black & Scholes model, where one warrant entitles the holder to purchase one share at a price of SEK 48, with expire date 2020-12-31. The number of new shares would correspond to a dilution of approximately 1.7 % (based on today's share of 6,929,882). The company will receive SEK 58,800 at subscription of warrants and may be granted SEK 5,760,000 when the warrants are exercised.

The full incentive program is described the appendix to the notice of Annual General Meeting, which can be downloaded from the company's website (in Swedish):

“We are pleased that the entire Insplorion team has confidence in the company’s future and wants to participate. We are convinced that the program contributes to increased motivation and value creation that benefits all shareholders," comments Jan Wahlström, Chairman of the Board at Insplorion.

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