Insplorion and RISE are granted SEK 350,000 by Vinnova for further miniaturization of the battery sensor

Vinnova has granted SEK 350,000 for the project "Miniaturization of a nanosensor system for batteries" which Insplorion will conduct together with the experts in fiber optics at RISE. The aim of the project is to further develop the design of a fiber-based NPS sensor battery management system, as well as investigate the potential of other applications based on the same platform.

"This grant allows us to accelerate our own miniaturization work. In addition, we will work closely with RISE and their experts in miniaturization. It's an exciting project that complements our other collaborations with the industry," says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion.

The transition to a fossil-free fleet is crucial for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, today, the cost and performance of existing lithium-ion batteries hamper a rapid transition. Today's batteries are oversized and used well below their maximum capacity. Insplorion has developed a sensor technology that enables monitoring of local chemical- and temperature changes inside batteries, enabling end users to achieve increased performance for their application.

To achieve widespread acceptance of Insplorion's battery sensor, all parts of the system should be small enough for integration into a battery module at an attractive cost. In this project, the possibilities for a miniaturized sensor system are further developed. This pre-trial will address the cost issue, and the ambition is to carry out a theoretical and practical study aiming at finding solutions that can be further developed into a cheap reading system for Insplorion's fibre-optic NPS sensors. The preliminary study will also describe possible further developments that can provide improvements specifically for the battery sensor as application but also open opportunities for new applications.

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