Insplorion in Swedish-Japanese round table talks with ministers, professors and business people

Yesterday, Insplorion’s David Johansson participated in Swedish-Japanese round table discussions on energy storage, within the delegation where Swedish business people together with government members celebrate Japan and Sweden's 150 years of trade. The subject of the conversation was to work with the next generation of energy storage, where Japanese and Swedish governments, research groups and industry can work together.

Energy storage is of increasing importance in the context of future energy systems with higher shares of variable renewable energy sources, distributed power grids, and electric vehicle integration. With this, the development of next-generation energy storage systems is receiving attention from policy, research and industry players. In this development, it is important with a holistic approach and value chain perspective. In addition, both Sweden and Japan hold significant strengths in the field of energy storage. Leveraging synergies and expanding knowledge-sharing can contribute to collaboration and further boost energy storage development in the two nations.

Yesterday's discussions began with speeches by Minister Ibrahim Baylan (MEE) and Deputy Commissioner Atsushi Taketani. Thereafter, an overview of battery storage today and in the future was given by Professor Kristina Edström from Uppsala Univerity. During the talks, as Kristina also moderated, representatives from Chalmers University of Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) participated. In addition to David Johansson from Insplorion, from the industry participated Peter Carlsson, CEO Northvolt, Johan Söderström, CEO ABB Sweden, Dr. Katsuhiko Hiramatsu, Director of Innovation, Panasonic and Dr. Greger Ledung from the Swedish Energy Agency.

In the wake of the conversation, we see in the back row Peter Carlsson, Northvolt, Johan Söderström, ABB and David Johansson, Insplorion. In front of them are among others Michael Jacob of the Swedish Embassy, Ministers Ibrahim Baylan and Atsushi Taketani, Katsuhiko Hiramatsu from Panasonic and Kristina Edström Uppsala University.

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