Insplorion sells an XNano system with an Acoulyte ad-on to Professor Souhir Boujday at LRS, Sorbonne University in Paris, which becomes an Insplorion Reference Center

Professor Souhir Boujday at Laboratoire de Réactivité de Surface (LRS), Sorbonne University, has experience from Insplorion’s XNano since her time at NTU, Singapore, a reference center for Insplorion. This is the first sale for Insplorion in France and Professor Souhir Boujday and her group will serve as a reference center for the French market.  The order value is almost 0.5 Mkr after reference center discount has been applied.

"We are very happy to now enter the French Market and establish a strong reference center with Professor Souhir Boujday and her group. She is a rising star with broad applications of our research instruments, so we anticipate both strong papers and further interest from customers in her vicinity. It is also good that her interest in Insplorion’s research tools was initiated by an existing customer of ours, which also bays well for the future sales", comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion.

Professor Souhir Boujday and her group are active studying surface reaction for both catalytic and life science applications. They have extensive knowledge in nanostructures and biosensor development.

"We see the Insplorion NPS technology as a very helpful tool when understanding the molecular & biomolecular interactions occurring at the solid liquid interface. The Acoulyte instrument combination to QCM will help us in mastering the biological events on surfaces and engineering bioinspired materials capable of sensing, responding, and adapting to physical-chemical cues from the environment. We are glad to be part as an Insplorion reference center and will help promoting the technology in France", comments Professor Souhir Boujday, Sorbonne University, LRS.

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