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Instalco and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation collaborate for cleaner water

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Instalco and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation have joined forces to collaborate on an initiative to lower the presence of pharmaceuticals in water. It will enable the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation to intensify its efforts aimed at preventing pharmaceuticals from getting into the water supply and making Sweden’s water cleaner, particularly in the Baltic Sea.

The presence of pharmaceuticals in water is a global problem. Pollution from pharmaceuticals in nature can have many detrimental effects, such as inhibiting reproduction, affecting the behaviour of aquatic species and other toxic effects. Antibiotic resistance is another global problem of growing concern, which is exacerbated by this type of pollution. 

“Making the water and air cleaner is a pursuit that many people care about and support. Each day, we install water and air purification systems and Instalco wants to do its part in improving the environment by contributing where we can. As part of our sustainability efforts, we will therefore be collaborating with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation to help reduce pharmaceutical pollution in our waters,” says Per Sjöstrand, CEO of Instalco.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Instalco want to protect the Baltic Sea and Sweden's other critical water sources. To ensure clean drinking water and a healthy aquatic ecosystem for future generations, the two organisations have joined forces to help reduce emissions of environmental toxins.

“We are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to intensify our work towards a toxic free environment, with a special focus on water ecosystems. Pharmaceutical residues and other harmful substances can have negative consequences for both aquatic life and on human health. It’s important to prevent them from ending up in water ecosystems to start with, but when that’s the case, we have to improve our efforts to remove such harmful substances“, says Karin Lexén, Secretary General SSNC.    Instalco and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation will initially collaborate for three years. Instalco will be making a contribution that will be used to help protect and save the Baltic Sea and help ensure that Sweden’s lakes and streams are flourishing. The initiative will involve generating reports, implementing information campaigns and political lobbying for sustainable pharmaceutical production.


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