Meet Integrum at ISPO Sweden 15-16 November 2018

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We are pleased to announce that Integrum will participate at the ISPO meeting 2018 Sept 15-16 in Stockholm, Sweden. During the meeting Dr Yan Li, PhD, Theme for Trauma and Repairative Medicine (TRM), Karolinska University Hospital, CPO Stewe Jönsson and Jason Millenaar, MSc at  Integrum AB, will present our research product e-OPRA TM. The e-OPRA TMis when neuromuscular electrodes are permanently implanted in an amputee patient with the OPRATMImplant System.  For more information about our products please visit us at our boot during the meeting.

Rutger Barrdahl, CEO. Cell: +46 70 523 39 55, E-mail:

Integrum provides innovative solutions for bone-anchored prostheses. Integrum’s OPRA™ implant system improves quality of life for amputees through higher prosthetic functionality, improved comfort and improved mobility. With 20 years’ experience from 500 surgeries in 14 countries, Integrum has today a leading position in bone anchored protheses. The company is publicly listed at Nasdaq Firth North.