IAM Market adds 2 new patent listings from Stryker

IAM Market – the online marketplace that brings together buyers, sellers and licensors of valuable intellectual assets, patents and technology – announces the addition of two new patent listings in the medical devices category from Stryker Corporation, one of the world's leading medical technology companies.

The first listing is a patent portfolio titled “High Tibial Osteotomy Device and Method, an innovative device and procedure for realigning the knee that takes pressure off the damaged side. The procedure wedges open the upper shin bone (tibia) to reconfigure the knee joint, thereby shifting the degenerative or worn tissue onto healthier tissue. This system includes issued and pending US patents, prototypes, cadaver studies and design documentation. There are three patent families (six patents in total) with open continuations for two of the patents and the opportunity to combine this system with implants of allograft or synthetic materials. This listing is available for sale or license.

The second listing, titled “Spinal Fracture Reduction Instrument”, is a fully developed, patent-protected spinal clamping device that helps to reduce spinal fractures, secures fracture reduction in place to allow x-rays to be taken without requiring a surgeon to hold and reduces operative time for spinal fracture procedures. The portfolio includes one US granted patent and one European patent nationalised in six countries, including Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The prototype was developed by Stryker inventors and a global team of spinal trauma surgeons. This listing is available for sale, license or technology transfer.

"IAM Market is pleased to add these two important patent portfolio listings to the growing number of Stryker IP assets available through the IAM Market portal. Our subscribers look for innovative patents that create corporate value, and Stryker has a superb reputation for bringing new technology to the clinic to improve patient and hospital outcome," said Gavin Stewart, MD of IAM.

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