SilverLake International has found its MoneyMaker Swedish partner Intermezzon

SilverLake International has found its MoneyMaker Swedish partner Intermezzon Gothenburg, SWEDEN 12 February 2001 - - SilverLake International, Britain's foremost consultancy for competitive sales training with notable clients such as BT, CISCO SYSTEMS, GLOBAL CROSSING and GETRONICS, has just entered into a partnership with Sweden's "state-of-the-art" e-learning firm INTERMEZZON. With stock holders which include VOLVO, TELIA and INNOVATIONS CAPITAL, and expert experience in competency development, behavioural science and practical sales training, INTERMEZZON has created the business world's first simulator, MoneyMaker. MoneyMaker, an investment of 399 GBP per training, is a complete and comprehensive web-based sales training that coaches the user through each step of the sales process. INTERMEZZON, founded in 1997, has today a total of 36 employees worldwide with offices in Sweden, the United States and most recently the United Kingdom. With an impressive roster of satisfied clients including; IBM, CANON, CISCO, ORACLE, REUTERS, COMPAQ and VOLVO, INTERMEZZON plans to conquer the international e-learning industry with MoneyMaker as its flagship. At its helm in the United Kingdom, is Managing Director Mr. Ulf Blomqvist, who most recently was Managing Director at the International Computer Group (ICG Ltd.) in London and prior to that responsible for International Business Development at WM Data (Scandinavia's largest IT services company). "MoneyMaker is different than other types of sales training. It is helpful, but it is more motivating and entertaining due to the game format. Significant advantages are that the team members can practice whenever convenient, compete against each other and be certified. MoneyMaker is perfectly suited for the IT industry, where along side sales reps more and more technical people are engaged in customer projects. Using MoneyMaker they learn to ask questions the right way and to do simple things that are important for customer satisfaction. The result is that they discover new solutions to address customers needs." Thomas Kylander, Marketing & Sales Manager CISCO SYSTEMS intermezzon SilverLake release This mutually advantageous partnership affords both companies access to new customers, and market segments, in a competitive educational market. SilverLake International is the first official EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) -wide reseller of MoneyMaker and this deal heralds INTERMEZZON's advent upon the global arena. SilverLake International, founded in 1997, customises sales training solutions by combining both traditional and innovative approaches for Britain's Telecom and IT elite, and has global clients like American CISCO SYSTEMS and Finnish NOKIA. SilverLake International has long searched after an interactive sales training tool to augment their consulting aptitude, which can be fully assimilated into their outstanding portfolio of sales training offerings. MoneyMaker's pedagogical approach and comprehensive structure, corresponds well with SilverLake International's sales training methodology. MoneyMaker provides SilverLake International with a new technology, simulated e-learning, with which their senior level consultants can employ to capture a new, and growing, market segment within the new e-conomy. SilverLake International considers the competent, innovative and cost effective MoneyMaker a significant variable for attaining their forecasted sales goal of 1 million GBP for the year 2001. Managing Director for Silverlake International - Phil Biggin - reacted without hesitation during the first presentation meeting with INTERMEZZON's representatives. "This is precisely what we were searching for-a fully developed training programme, which is sufficiently sophisticated but user-friendly-to complement our sales training strategies." comments Mr. Phil Biggin Managing Director of Silverlake International An esteemed business partner like SilverLake International is an outstanding certification of MoneyMaker's high standard and serves as a strong indicator of INTERMEZZON's potential for global success. " SilverLake is going to integrate MoneyMaker in their offering portfolio. As a direct result of our partnership with SilverLake, Intermezzon will easily reach sales levels of 110,000 - 180,000 GBP in the UK during our first year in this market. I also plan to establish a British infrastructure with a local staff, and secure six more partners - that are not competitors with SilverLake - such as firms in the financial business sector." declares Mr. Ulf Blomqvist Managing Director, INTERMEZZON LTD, UK ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: