Invent Medic files new patent application and a design registration.

Invent medic Sweden AB ("Invent Medic") has filed a priority application to PRV and applied for design registration at EUIPO. Both documents present design versions of the company's first product, TVS.

TVS has shown to significantly reduce urinary leakage in a clinical study, that was reported in March 2018. An average of 77% reduction in urine leakage was documented from the clinical study. The study had 97 participating women. In parallel with the clinical study, invent Medic has been working on establishing more visually viable versions of the TVS. Overall, the commercial versions include improvements in material consumption, and a more consumer-friendly appearance. Assuming the patent is approved, Invent Medic will hold product protection until 2038, and assuming approved design protection, Invent Medic will hold design protection for a maximum of 25 years.

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Invent Medic Sweden AB, Company registration number 556682-1046, has developed a medical device for non-surgical relief of female stress urinary incontinence. The inventors behind the product, Jan Clarén and Lars-Olof Henriksson, have been involved in the development and performance of the surgical method TVT, which is now known as the Golden Standard for surgical treatment of female stress incontinence. The product is based on the same scientific basis and has similar mechanism of action as the surgical method but is based on a non-surgical support and is designed so that the woman can use the product when needed. This product has the potential to satisfy a major medical need and could thus have a significant market value. Invent medic's vision is to offer new and innovative products to women with the goal of improving their health and quality of life. The offer shall include safe, effective and safe products that should be easy to use. Invent Medic Sweden AB is listed on Aktietorget. Ticker is IMS and the share's ISIN code is SE0007603402. For more information see and


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