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  • Finnish Huoleti Ltd promoted as one of the leading GovTech Startups transforming Europe’s public services

Finnish Huoleti Ltd promoted as one of the leading GovTech Startups transforming Europe’s public services

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Press release 31 Aug 2018 – Public Group International, the UK-based GovTech Investment and Research firm, has promoted Huoleti Ltd as one of the leading GovTech Startups transforming Europe’s public services. Huoleti is the only Finnish company on the list of startups covering 20 European countries.

Huoleti is an early mover in the growing market for modern patient communities and care team support, which includes both the patient and their loved ones as end users. With the addition of offering safe and secure volunteering through the platform, Huoleti has all the potential to become the most inclusive and diverse service of targeted support for patients. It has the impact of truly improving lives and strengthening bonds within communities.

European tech startups have the potential to tackle public sector’s problems

The Public Group helps technology startups transform public services. The company provides insight, support, networks and capital to entrepreneurs with the latest and most innovative ideas, helping them improve the lives of citizens through enhancing the services that the government provides. Public holds a respected and ever-growing stature within government, the tech and investment sectors.

Public sees that a new wave of European tech startups has the potential to tackle and solve some of the public sector's greatest challenges - from health, to education, to policing and security, to transport and connectivity, to trade and logistics. This new market, which is increasingly being referred to as 'GovTech' represents an enormous opportunity for European startups and investors, and Public is beginning to see a real appetite for governments across Europe to work with new, innovative technology companies.

Huoleti Ltd. in a nutshell

• Huoleti’s main customers are private sector healthcare providers, insurance companies and patient associations.
• Huoleti is one step ahead in combining social apps and online health care: there are currently no other products that have all the features included.
• The market for Huoleti is huge. Cancer patients and survivors, alone amount to tens of millions of attainable target users in Europe, and hundreds of millions globally.
• Huoleti signed a contract with Roche in June 2017
• First US pilot negotiations are ongoing with Cleveland Clinic, Jefferson University Hospital and Visiting Nurse Association.
• New announcements coming very soon.
• Huoleti's funding round is currently ongoing on Invesdor.com. The company is raising a maximum of €497 000 for growth in Finland and the USA.

Prizes and nominations

• November 2016: Huoleti was one of the three winners of Kertomalla paranee innovation challenge.
• February 2017: Huoleti got on board in the Vertical Accelerator along with 12 other companies, out of 270 applicants from 50 countries.
• May 2017: Huoleti was one of the three winners of the OP Smart Health Innovation Challenge. The competition had 200 participants from several countries.
• May 2017 Huoleti was nominated as the fourth most promising startup at the Digital Health Finland convention.
• April 2018 Huoleti was chosen to pitch in Chicago in MedCity Invest conference.


Additional information

CEO Carita Savin, Huoleti Ltd.
tel. +358 40 5621700

Head of marketing Mikko Savolainen, Invesdor Ltd.
tel. +358 40 747 5205


Invesdor in brief

A financial technology (fintech) company founded in Finland in 2012, Invesdor operates an online investment platform that connects ambitious European growth companies with investors worldwide. Invesdor has helped raise more than 60 million euros for more than 120 businesses. Its clients include private and publicly traded companies from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK as well as investors from more than 70 countries. Invesdor has offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.