“Smart ‘Em All!” – Finnish scale-up is arming supermarkets with digital innovation for shopping carts


In the age of Amazon and other web-based giants, the traditional supermarkets are faced with the true challenge of remaining relevant and keeping attracting customers to the brick-and-mortar stores. Finnish scale-up Smartcart Ltd is here to offer their unique solution to the problem – connect the digital infrastructures of the customer and the store, and offer them a smooth, effortless and up-to-date shopping experience.

“Everyone’s going berserk about how the online giants are going to desolate the traditional supermarkets, like it was some inevitable force of nature. It is not, and it’s high time for the retail sector to fight back and retain their share of the market, by employing innovation and updating their understanding of customer service”, says CEO and founder of Smartcart Ltd, Petteri Heiman.

The Smartcart is armed with a high-end, self-charging computer pad, with an intuitive user interface and top-of-the-line bar code scanner, connecting the customer to all the possibilities the digital infrastructure of a supermarket has to offer. 


Import your digital shopping list to the cart and get directions to the items, scan the barcodes to keep up with your total, and use the Smartcart as your self-service payment terminal, allowing you to skip the cashier queues and walk straight out to the car lot with your shopping.


For shopkeepers the Smartcart works as a platform of interaction and a direct line of communications to the customer, as well as a source of valuable data regarding customer behavior and the shopping experience.


As a media platform the Smartcart plays in a league of its own. Taking the point-of-sale concept to a whole new level, the Smartcart demonstrates a proven average conversion rate of 16 % (Google 8 %, YouTube 1 %).

“All our studies show that influence over the customers’ choices of goods and brands are still well within the hands of the brick-and-mortar store”, says Heiman. “The threat of online shopping domination is present, but the battle is far from lost, as some would have it.”


The Smartcart service concept was rolled out in February 2017. Two years later intelligent shopping carts can be found in more than a hundred stores in over 60 Finnish cities, as well as in the supermarkets of the leading retail chain Superseis of Paraguay, South America.

“It’s been a great two years of expansion and evolution. We are super confident in the viability of our service concept, our processes as well as hardware, as we scale our business internationally”, Heiman says.

Smartcart Ltd are opening a general equity offering round starting March 14th with the ambition of raising up to 1,5M€ in support of the international scaling.

“There are more than a billion brainless shopping carts out there, and we’re gonna smart them all”.

About the equity offering round:


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Smartcart Ltd

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SMARTCART Oy (Ltd.) is a Finnish technology, service and media company founded in 2014 specializing in innovative marketing, retail services and consumer expertise. SMARTCART is Europe’s largest manufacturer of intelligent shopping carts, whose Smartcart solutions are available in over 100 supermarkets in Finland. 

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