This year's largest Nordic crowdfunding event will be held in Helsinki in March

On March 17th Invesdor, Mesenaatti and the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance are bringing the biggest crowdfunding event of the year to Finland. Speeches in the event will focus on such topics as the different forms of crowdfunding, its rapid growth in the Nordics and the opportunities it can bring now and in the future. Addressing these issues, event talks will also highlight current challenges and controversies revolving around crowdfunding practice and growth.

Event speakers come from all over Europe, e.g. Bryan Zhang from the University of Cambridge, Ronald Kleverlaan from CrowdfundingHub in Amsterdam and Dr. Vytautas Senavicius, chairman of the Lithuanian P2P Lending and Crowdfunding Association. From Finland, the event is joined among others by the former ministerial advisor at the Finnish Ministry of Finance, Aki Kallio, who will discuss the crowdfunding law that entered into force in Finland in 2016, as well as Johanna Kotipelto from the prime minister’s office in Finland who will in turn discuss about the public development and match funding platform for Finnish experiments.

Attendees will also get to hear about success cases straight from the entrepreneurs when past success cases Helsinki Allas, a sea spa in the heart of Helsinki, and Ägräs Distillery, a crowdfunded micro distillery, take the stage. Also, the record-breaking rewards crowdfunding campaign Tank Museum, which raised over €80,000 will share their secrets to success.

Overall the event will celebrate Finland’s leading role in crowdfunding in the Nordics and Europe in terms of crowdfunding practice and regulation.

The event is organized at Korjaamo Culture Factory in Helsinki, located at Töölönkatu 51. Tickets to the event cost €20 which includes the whole-day event, coffee and a cocktail moment by Ägräs Distillery. There are also lunch tickets available for €30.

More information can be found on the event website at:


Dr. Rotem Shneor, project leader, Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance, +47 91783225

Mikko Savolainen, communications manager, Invesdor Ltd., +358 40 747 5205

Invesdor in brief:

Invesdor is the Nordic market leader in equity crowdfunding platforms measured in invested capital and revenue in 2015. A financial technology (fintech) company founded in Finland in 2012, Invesdor operates an online investment platform that connects ambitious European growth companies with investors worldwide. So far Invesdor has helped raise more than 26 million euros and hosted 73 successful equity crowdfunding campaigns.

Invesdor's clients include private and publicly traded companies from Finland, the UK, Norway and Denmark as well as investors from more than 50 countries. Invesdor has offices in London and Helsinki.

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Mesenaatti in brief:

Mesenaatti is Finland’s leading platform for reward-based crowdfunding. It was established in 2013 and has been growing rapidly ever since, covering projects primarily from small businesses, culture and art. Today, Mesenaatti is leading national efforts in terms of civic crowdfunding through initiatives with local and national government, including the Experiential Finland crowdfunding platform in cooperation with the Finnish prime minister’s office.

Nordic Corwdfunding Alliance in brief:

The Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance is a partnership of Crowdfunding platforms and service providers from across the Nordic countries for promoting a crowdfunding-friendly Nordic region. It operates on collaborative principles through the pooling of resources and aggregating the voice of relatively small young actors in their dialogues with all related stakeholders. The alliance was formed in 2014 thanks to grants from Nordic Innovation.