Interim Management Statement January-March 2016

Highlights during the first quarter

  • Net asset value amounted to SEK 262,282 m. (SEK 344 per share) on March 31, 2016, a decrease of SEK 9,519 m. (SEK 13 per share) during the quarter, corresponding to a change of -4 percent. Over the past 20 years, annual average net asset value growth, with dividend added back, has been 9 percent.
  • Within Listed Core Investments, shares in Atlas Copco were acquired for SEK 125 m.
  • Net cash flow from EQT amounted to SEK 1.2 bn. The value change of Investor’s investments in EQT was flat in constant currency.
  • The wholly-owned subsidiaries within Patricia Industries reported strong organic growth.

Financial information

  • Consolidated profit/loss for the period, which includes unrealized change in value, was SEK -9,688 m. (SEK -12.71 basic earnings per share), compared to SEK 34,013 m. (SEK 44.66 basic earnings per share) for the same period 2015.
  • Listed Core Investments contributed SEK -8,549 m. to net asset value (30,715).
  • EQT contributed SEK 67 m. to net asset value (1,025).
  • Patricia Industries contributed SEK -620 m. to net asset value (2,447).
  • Leverage (net debt/total assets) was 4.0 percent as of March 31, 2016 (5.5).
  • Consolidated net sales for the period was SEK 7,295 m. (5,728).

For further information:

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Magnus Dalhammar, Head of Investor Relations, Phone 46 8 614 2130, 46 73 524 2130

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